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The Dark Knight Rises – Why It Matters | Comic Book Fury

The Dark Knight Rises – Why It Matters

June 11, 2012 by
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Amidst the Marvel dominance with Avengers and a reboot in Spider-Man coming up, it’s been easy to discount this other smaller movie coming out in late July called Dark Knight Rises. Nobody knows what to expect and some claim it won’t live up to the hype that Dark Knight produced in 2008. I think you can agree though that there are things that make it stand out as another big billion dollar contender for the box office:

1) The Hype – The perception for the last movie was that it got its big build and hype off of the unfortunate death of Heath Ledger in early 2008. While Heath’s Joker certainly had the biggest impact on the movie, you can’t take away the incredible work put into the direction of the story and characters via an incredible director in Christopher Nolan and a great writer in David Goyer. Being able the wield that many moving parts in a 150-minute movie is an astounding achievement. Same goes for Batman Begins in 2005 – it’s what started getting Batman back to his Dark Knight elements in movie form. People took notice, it’s what made Dark Knight what it was, and it will certainly do that with DKR.

2) The Mystery – It’s been told that there are elements of Knightfall, Dark Knight Returns, and No Man’s Land laid out in this movie. Beyond that and the trailers we’ve seen of imploding football fields and mass riots, there’s really no telling where this story can lead. I think that alone is enough of a hype to get people excited about the movie. In this day and age of social media, it can be very difficult to keep any secrets from leaking out. This has the opportunity to knock people’s socks off and keep them talking about its story for years to come.

3) The Potential – Sure, all movies have potential to do great (ok, sorry – Batman & Robin never had a chance), but there’s a lot to bank on when you have such talent at your disposal. Whether it’s your director, well-ranged actors in Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine, or a well-crafted story that seems like it’s going to tie back into the first movie, you can’t help but expect the best from this franchise.

Those are my thoughts at least. Now I turn to you, reading audience. What’s your expectation of DKR? Like? Dislike? More grizzled voices by Mr. Bale?

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