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CBF Quick Picks #97 : Justice League Dark #2

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Peter Milligan gets the ball moving with Justice League Dark #2, giving us a taste of a super-hero team-ups against the occult. There’s a lot to like with this new team, particularly with Zatanna’s more hard-edged personality and a surprising continuation of a key relationship from Brightest Day. Makes me wonder if the story arc ties into the aforementioned event.

Not so far behind it was The Sixth Gun #16. Cullen Bunn is continuing to build an epic in his western mythology, this time focusing on more second-tier characters to tie into that mythology. This one needs to get on more people’s radar more – truly something for the fans of Lord of the Rings, but with a magical twist.

And lastly, the X-Men universe continues to go strong post-Schism. Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men #1 has a great mix of comedy, action, and heart that fits well with Logan’s new team. Chris Bachalo can be hit or miss at times, but he brings very crisp pencils to the new school and its inhabitants.

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Furious Five To Watch For – 07.20.11

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

We’re on the cusp of San Diego touching down upon the comic book industry, but that hasn’t stopped the new releases from being discussed. Here’s what’s on tap:

5) Zatanna #15
It was a good run while it lasted under the leadership of Paul Dini, but it looks like it’s getting the boot come September. Enjoy this while it lasts – it was a great insight into the life of one of the premier magicians of the DCU.

4) Flashpoint – Deadman and the Flying Graysons #2
This was a unique take on the Grayson crew with Deadman as the tag-along. Incorporating it into the Amazon/Atlantean war will make this next issue interesting as we see what fate lies ahead for Flashpoint Dick Grayson.

3) Daredevil #1
I avoided this book like the plague during its Shadowland run. Getting Mark Waid to re-launch the title is enough to get me back in.

2) Flashpoint – Wonder Woman and the Furies #2
Had Knight of Vengeance not been knocking our socks off, this would be right up there as the strongest Flashpoint tie-in. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning know what it takes to juggle wars and they’re proving that as they set up the seeds for what caused Diana to declare such a war on the Atlanteans.

1) Batman : Gates of Gotham #3
It’s Scott Snyder time! Although to be fair, Kyle Higgins deserves just as much credit for the architectural story revolving around a plot to destroy the descendants of the founding families of Gotham. Just when you think you run out of good Batman stories to tell, new writers come in and prove you wrong.

CBF Quick Picks #60 : Justice League Generation Lost #21

Sunday, March 13th, 2011


NOTE: We’re re-doing the intro song for our shows. Until then, enjoy my voice upon hitting play (if you’re ok with that, of course)

There’s not enough words any more to describe how awesome Judd Winick has been on Justice League Generation Lost. Issue 21 continues that trend with bringing things down a notch and showing us the team’s reaction to losing one of their own. This was great characterization that had been lacking at times in this series what with the focus being on JLI’s never-ending chase of Maxwell Lord. With the big cliffhanger at the end, the last three issues are looking promising.

Zatanna #10 supposedly ends the battle between the titular magician and the magically cursed puppet she finds out to be quite the bad guy her dad thought him to be. I say “supposedly” because anybody who read the last couple of pages knows things didn’t exactly go Zatanna’s way. Nevertheless, it’s enjoyable reading because of Paul Dini’s passion for the character.

I had been hesitant for a bit to get into Venom #1 until I learned that Rick Remender (of Uncanny X-Force and Fear Agent writing fame) was writing and Flash Thompson was taking on the symbiote suit. The first issue gave us a taste of what the Army’s plans are for Flash and the suit and how Flash will react to constantly being taken away from the suit. Those of you who know what Flash’s current physical state outside of the suit know what I’m talking about. There’s a lot of story ideas to come out of this next volume in the Venom series and I for one will enjoy this ride.

CBF Quick Picks #50: Larfleeze Christmas Special

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

This was the most anticipated book in Mike and I’s world since NYCC. The Larfleeze Christmas Special was everything I hoped for – shenanigans by the Orange Lantern as he searches for Santa Claus and why he didn’t give him any presents. What I wasn’t expecting was the fantastic last page in the main story – if you didn’t shed a tear there, you have no soul.

Zatanna #8 gives us a new story from Paul Dini and touches upon the fear of puppets. In this case, the fear of a particular puppet that scarred Zatanna in her childhood. Dini knows and loves this character a great deal and it’s resulted in some great story arcs lately.

Lastly, American Vampire #10 takes a breather from the main Skinner Sweet storyline to take us back to what Pearl Jones and her husband have been up to since the 1st storyline. We also get to see what Pearl’s friend, Hattie, has been up to. I’ll give you a hint – it’s not doing voice-overs in any My Little Pony episodes…

CBF Quick Picks #42 : Action Comics #894

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

The anticipation was building for this issue ever since DC revealed who Lex Luthor was going toe-to-toe with in Action Comics #894. And the resulting work from Paul Cornell and Pete Woods turned out perfect (well close to it – I’m still not hot on the Jimmy Olsen co-feature). The philosophical battle between one of DC’s premier super-villains and one of Sandman’s most popular siblings was very intriguing and showed us how much Lex, even in the face of death (literally), will fight to the end to achieve his self-proclaimed destiny.

Not to be put on the sidelines though, Zatanna has been slowly sneaking up on readers’ radars and issue #6 is probably one of the strongest of the series so far. Paul Dini is largely responsible for this character’s resurgence and you can tell how much he loves the character. The family dynamic between Zatanna and her cousin is done really well too and makes me want to see more of it. Darn shame though that not many have this on their pull lists – it’s worth checking out if you want to go beyond the Batman and Green Lantern books that dominate the comic book stands as of late.

Wonder Woman #604 gives us the showdown between Wonder Woman and her mysterious antagonist largely responsible for the majority of the Amazons being wiped out. A bit underwhelming learning his back story, but the pencils behind the fight sequence were gorgeous. As the Amazon princess slowly gains back her powers, we start diving into bigger fare as she seeks out the true power that has it out for the Amazons.

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CBF Quick Picks #32 : The Unwritten #16

Friday, August 13th, 2010
DC strikes again with a killer week for books. The mid-tier books give another strong showing in Batgirl, Birds of Prey, and Zatanna. And Peter Tomasi’s new run on Green Lantern Emerald Warriors is going to get interesting as we learn more about the pact between Guy Gardner, Ganthet, and Atrocitus.

On the Marvel side, I’m slowly losing interest in the mutants vs. vampires storyline in X-Men #2. Nothing new is being brought to the table like it is with American Vampire and if it doesn’t pick up next month, there will be shenanigans from me.

Thanos Imperative was VERY close to being the Quick Pick for a 3rd time, but I have to give it to The Unwritten because of what Mike Carey and Peter Gross are doing bringing this literature-heavy tale to life. Many answers are revealed and more questions brought about because of them – the whole conspiracy battle using stories as weapons is incredibly intriguing. If you’re not picking this up in single issue format, go get the two trades right now!