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Cartoon Network Unleashes The DC Nation

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Rumblings have been felt regarding new DC projects coming to Cartoon Network in 2012 beyond what we have so far with Young Justice and the recent premiere of the Green Lantern animated series. Now we find out that it’s one big project called “DC Nation” and it has a lot of content to show:

The return of Teen Titans? Plastic Man drawn in the same vain as Genndy Tartakovsky’s Samurai Jack?? Kevin Conroy as Lego Batman??????? Sign me up now!

But seriously, it’s great to see DC going full throttle with its media push back into television. With their comics re-launch showing more of an adult side, it’s good to see that the kids have not been left hanging high and dry in other mediums.

CBF’s Preview of the 2011 Comic Book Scene

Monday, January 10th, 2011

2010 was a banner year for comics in all forms – book, TV, and movies. We can talk about the economy issues and the market not being as big as it used to be, but you couldn’t tell for sure when you saw the blockbuster movies that came out that are from comics or the many conventions that came out that thousands of die-hard fans flock to. New York Comic Con alone exhausted Mike and I and that was just one day we attended.

Alas, 2010 is now six feet under and while it definitely left a great impression on me (check out the end of year event Mike and I put on as well as the Quick Picks version), 2011 looks to be just as good. And there’s a good few reasons why:

1) The Movies Keep On Coming

It is impressive to think how the comic book movies keep getting churned out after 10+ years. They’ve definitely had their misses, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from finding that next comic book hit. Marvel is continuing the Avengers hype machine with offerings of Thor in May and Captain America in July. No doubt the movies will be financial hits, but it remains to be seen how well the respective stars of eahc movie will carry the comic book icons to the big screen.

DC though is putting all its cards in and banking on Green Lantern (and Ryan Reynolds in particular) to be their next big franchise for years to come. The early trailers got mixed reactions from the forums, but I’m not one to doubt so soon what with 6 months remaining on post-production. Warner Brothers has made it a point to pretty much say that their focus is getting DC on the map in the TV and movie front. Here’s hoping that can become a reality because we know that they can’t depend on Batman forever to be their cash cow (or can they?)

2) Fear Itself or Fear Big Events With $3.99 Tie-Ins?

Before the Christmas break, Marvel got a bit giddy and decided to air a press conference at Midtown Comics in NYC. Before this, they had been putting out teaser images of various characters such as Spider-Man, Hulk, and Captain America being depicted as realizing that their worst fears had come true. The forums had come to the conclusion that this would be Marvel’s next event and would play upon the current issues going on with the economy and the wars.

Then we got the unveiling at that conference – Fear Itself. Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen were given the keys to the next big event and will give out a prologue issue and 7-issue mini-series. It apparently seems to delve into the god of fear in this universe and how he plays into the heroes’ worst fears and turns them against one another. There’s also supposedly a concealed act from many years ago that will make itself known and – get ready – “change everything”. Obviously, we’ve heard this line too many times that it makes it hard to buy into, but I’ll give it a shot just because it’s a different writer given the reign and I’ve been impressed with his work on Thor and Iron Man so far. Immonen as well is a no-brainer if you know his work.

3) Young Justice

Marvel may be dominating the movie front, but nobody can argue what DC has dominated the last 15 years – animation. From its start in giving some guy named Kevin Conroy the voice of Batman to the excellent run of Justice League and to its current animated DVD offerings, DC has had superb talent in Bruce Timm and company to guide the animated side of their comic book universe.

Marvel has chipped away at some of that dominance when it unveiled its new Avengers series in the fall and there’s some good buzz coming out of the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man series, but none of that can take away from what could be promising material from DC’s new Young Justice series. The 1-hour pilot that aired Thanksgiving weekend gave us a taste of that and it was glorious – great animation, great characters to start out with, and a surprisingly dark introduction to the team. Much as I have enjoyed the DVD outputs lately from DC, I’m glad to see an ongoing animated series back under their belts.

4) Green Lantern madness

Leave it to Mike and I to never leave a blog post or podcast without mentioning the Green Lantern books. They dragged their feet a bit last year after Blackest Night concluded, but prospects look high this year as we roll into a Green Lantern event that will see Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner finally come to blows supposedly over Gardner’s actions when he made the infamous pact with Atrocitus and Ganthet. The event will cross over the 3 main books and result in what Geoff Johns mentioned at NYCC as the war of the Green Lanterns.

This point would have ended at the last paragraph had we not learned about the new Red Lanterns series that is supposedly launching around the time of the Green Lantern movie. Anybody who wants to learn more about Atrocitus’ motivations and Dex-Starr’s revenge plans against his master will now get that.

5) Flashpoint

Geoff Johns is just crazy to keep working at this pace while being a CCO. Imagine if we asked Quesada to do the same now that he’s CCO at Marvel?

Not content to let Green Lantern have its fun with its own mini-event, Johns has been slowly hyping this Flash event. Rumors have it that Professor Zoom (the Reverse-Flash) is altering past events in Barry Allen’s life that could result in lots of changes for those that access the Speed Force regularly. Whatever happens, I’m all for it – I’ve become a big Flash fan lately with Johns’ 2nd run on the series. And with Andy Kubert on board, that just makes life dandy.

I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s to come in 2011. What events are you excited/not excited for this year?