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CBF Quick Picks #124 : Saga #6

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There’s no stopping this juggernaut that is Saga. Issue #6 wraps up the first arc as our protagonists finally reach the Rocketship Forest, only to find out that they’ve got more trouble than they bargained for. The story is ripe with sub-plots and intriguing characters – some of which I’d definitely be interested in reading spin-offs of if Brian K/ Vaughan ever chose to do them. And Fiona Staples once again continues to blow my mind with her vivid detail. The two-month wait until the next arc will be painful, but worth it to see Staples continue to bring the goods.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman #12 sneaked out of the corner and surprised everybody with its last page and where this arc is going next. Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang are knocking it out of the park with the continuing Greek god family saga that now incorporates a Jack Kirby creation that makes absolute sense in this new continuity.

And lastly, we get a return to form with Batwoman #12. Having J.H. Williams III back on art duty certainly helped and it goes to show that when he’s on point, he’s one of the best artists on the market. Wonder Woman guest starring also helped this issue and the team-up to come will keep me reading.

CBF Quick Picks #100 – Comics Celebration

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This is it! The moment dozens of comic book fans have waited for! Comic Book Fury turns 100 years old! Now somebody pass us our dentures…

We’re giving you an extra-length addition of our epic show, as I first reflect on this achievement and what the industry has looked like within that time span.

We then get back into business with a look at the latest releases:

  • Supergirl #3 is familiar, but refreshing at the same time. Can’t quite put my fingers on it, but it works
  • Severed #4 is trying to tell us not to just trust an oil-peddling salesman who eats kids. Guess that’s a bad thing, right?
  • Wonder Woman #3 delves into why she doesn’t want to be called clay.
  • Batman #3 takes the honors this week because Scott Snyder makes owls creepy.

We then wrap up with some Q & A where we talk about if DC’s re-launch was an editorial success, the independent comics of choice, and if Superman remembers to wear the essentials when going out to play superhero.

Thanks again for all of your support and looking forward to 100 more shows!

Music provided by DRUGMILE – The Getaway

CBF Quick Picks #96 : Wonder Woman #2

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After 2 issues, the directions Wonder Woman can go under Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s guidance are endless. This is an exciting time to come back if you’ve wavered from the book during the many promises that new blood would reinvigorate her solo series. The intrigue behind Zola’s baby and Wonder Woman’s questionable origin should keep this going for a good while.

Just behind it came Batman #2 and another stellar showing from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Building out the history of Gotham and treating it as an actual character has fleshed out Batman’s stories in many cool and interesting ways. And the best part of it all is it’s being done with intriguing new villains being introduced, the Court of Owls being the latest.

And of course if you want your off-the-wall super-hero action, you have Justice League #2 to please. Geoff Johns obviously wrote this in mind to show Jim Lee off. The action sequences are a sight to see and shows that even 20+ years later, Lee still has it. The slow burn in the story may turn off some people from reading, but I think it’s a great way to again show why this is the premier team of the new DCU.

CBF Quick Picks #91 : The New DCU – Week 3 Part 1

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Week 3 of the new DCU hit two great high notes. Batman #1 kicked off Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s well-hyped team-up and what a team-up it was. It’s safe to say that Snyder has a good feel for the Batman universe, whether he’s taking on Dick Grayson or Bruce Wayne carrying the mantle of the bat. And Capullo brings just enough detail to this issue to make you appreciate this new direction.

At one point, Wonder Woman #1 was that book you really wanted see break the glass ceiling, but couldn’t be sure if Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang could do it. That ceiling got shattered instantaneously when this book came out. I love how it dives right into the story and asks you to enjoy the ride, not needing much exposition or narration to let us know how Wonder Woman fits into this new universe. Time will tell if this finally gets her up there as a book to consistently read that hadn’t been for a long while.

And then there is Catwoman #1. Controversy hit the web when this came out after the last few pages showed her and Batman, ummm, enjoying one another’s acquaintances. It’s not for me, but everybody has their opinion on it. What are your thoughts?

Furious Four To Watch For – 08.17.11

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For the 2nd week in a row, I really could only find 4 books that stood out to me. Not that my wallet is complaining, of course. What’s more interesting is how much Marvel has impacted my pull lists as of late. I’m sure that will change with DC’s re-launch next month, but for now, here’s the pickings for this week:

4) Flashpoint : Wonder Woman and the Furies #3
The last issue fell down a notch with major art changes. Otherwise, you know what to expect from the writing styles of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Let’s just hope this gives us more to grab out of the Amazon/Atlantean war than what Emperor Aquaman gave us.

3) Venom #6
I’m always concerned when a hot book ties into another character’s major storyline. Yes, Venom is Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, so it makes sense to an extent that he tie into the current Spider-Island arc, but let’s hope that tie-in stays to a minimum. Knowing Rick Remender, he’ll find a way to keep the focus on Flash Thompson and the struggling relationship with his ailing father.

2) X-Men Schism #3
You can feel the tension building as mutant/human relations once again come to a clash. And slowly but surely, we’re starting to see signs that Cyclops and Wolverine are not going to be on the same page soon. It’s made for interesting drama that you’d come to expect from an X-Men book. Jason Aaron is juggling the pieces quite well and I expect more of the same in this issue.

1) Daredevil #2
This book surprised the heck out of me. If you know me, I didn’t grow up a Daredevil fan, though I knew of legacy runs with the character done by Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, Brian Michael Bendis, and so on. Mark Waid took over last month, set everything back to the basics, and it received abundant amounts of critical praise. Cap jumps into the next issue to get some answers on Daredevil’s past crimes. Yes, it was a crime that Shadowland existed, but I digress…

SDCC 2011 : Wonder Woman Panel Preview

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Cliff Chiang’s art makes me happy too…

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