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CBF Quick Picks #137 : NYCC, DC Ranting, and Comics/Games

Saturday, November 9th, 2013



There’s a lot to be said after another great New York Comic Con. Beyond the displays to see and books to buy, there’s a consensus that DC may be losing touch with their fanbase and what they want. How they can get out of that rut? Well, you’ll just have to click on that little Play button up above and find out 🙂

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CBF Quick Picks #135 : The “Not So” Quick Half-Year Comics Report Edition

Monday, July 8th, 2013



We’re back and we got announcements, kids!

And with us missing a few months of action, I give the half-year report of comics and where the publishers stand with their comic offerings today. Some good stuff from everybody, but makes you wonder if that will stick around in the next 10 years. Listen to find out why!

CBF Quick Picks #132 : All New X-Men #5

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

All New X-Men #5
2013 kicked off the year with a good range of titles for your reading enjoyment.

We first tackle Batman Inc #6, as Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham keep the pace going in Batman’s quest to stop Talia’s reign with Leviathan. Some great character dynamics with Bruce and Talia and a shocking death at the end that upped the ante. Burnham’s pencils are the real story, bringing every emotion to life as this war rages on.

We then say see you later to American Vampire with issue #34’s look into the past and future. Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque breathed new life into the vampire genre for the last 3 years and while the hiatus is not something we like to hear, it’s only going to mean better stories when the creative team is ready to move forward with this mythology.

Lastly, the pick honors go to Bendis and Immonen making All New X-Men a treat with issue #5. We’re really seeing a resurgence of X-Men in the last few years and this keeps the trend going. One could have easily balked at bringing the original five to the current timeline and call it a fad, but it’s brought some excellent character interactions and dialogue that Bendis is known for. Immonen is the icing on the cake with his slick pencils, though you have to wonder how long he can keep it up with this book seemingly coming out weekly. It’s a ride I’m enjoying nonetheless.

CBF 40 : 2012 Comics In Review

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012


I’d like to say that’s the appropriate theme for the 2012 comic book review edition of the CBF podcast. Bringing both Daniel M. Clark and Jon Stump onto the show together will do that.

This is where we dissect the year of comics and its future. Many bold topics were discussed:

  • DC losing ground with its New 52 and the falling of Vertigo
  • The good (Marvel NOW!) and not so good (AvX) of Marvel
  • Image having probably its best year since their inception 20 years ago
  • Our favorite series and what you should be picking up that’s under the radar
  • Our concerns for the industry as a whole and what 2020 is going to look like
  • Who the heck may becoming a Brony?

Agree? Disagree? This was definitely the most honest podcast we’ve done and it speaks a lot to where comic books are supposedly heading. Give it a listen.

I’ll be back soon to close out the year of 2012 with the Quick Pick of the Year!

Karen Berger Leaving Vertigo In March 2013

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

If you follow many of the great current comic creators today on Twitter, you sure enough saw an outpouring of respect and gratitude sent away yesterday to Karen Berger. You know her currently as the long-standing executive editor of the Vertigo imprint at DC Comics. From now until March 2013 though, she will be transitioning that post to a new team and leaving. Having held the position for 20 years and spearheading many great books in the medium, this is obviously a big deal in a niche industry such as comic books.

The speculation of course couldn’t be helped when this was announced regarding the direction of Vertigo. The “team” that supposedly is handling Berger’s position hasn’t been announced yet. And you’ve seen the many changes happen with the imprint since the New 52 started that has seen Vertigo streamline with the initiative. Constantine now being part of the new DCU, along with his own solo title coming out and the Hellblazer series ending at issue 300, is a sign of that. Yes, Vertigo announced lots of new projects at NYCC from guys like Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire (and we still have the Sandman prequel from Gaiman and Williams late next year), but one can’t help but wonder if we’re seeing a slow disassembling of a mighty brand that changed the way people thought of how comics should be done.

I admittedly came late to the Vertigo game. Not willing to take a chance for a long while, I finally gave in when a friend recommended Fables to me 7 years ago. Then I met my CBF comrade, Mike Buechele, later and he got me into the Sandman books, one of the series Karen Berger helped bring to DC before there was a Vertigo and helped make Neil Gaiman a household name to comic fans. These books changed my perception on what comics can do and I was hooked. Y : The Last Man, 100 Bullets, Scalped, DMZ, Northlanders, Sweet Tooth, American Vampire….you name it and Berger had something to do with it. Whether or not Vertigo sticks around for the foreseeable future, the one certainty we have is Berger’s legacy that inspired and challenged many to make comics about more than just the superheroes.

CBF Quick Picks #129 : American Vampire #32

Sunday, November 4th, 2012


Please listen to the special announcement at the beginning of this show to get info on how you can help out with Hurricane Sandy victims…

We’re closing out the last arc soon of this magnificent series before it goes on hiatus. Snyder and Albuquerque once again keep building things up to a boiling point that could see some significant changes to the lives of Pearl and Henry. You can trade wait at this point, but really – don’t you want to a piece of the action now?