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What To Watch Out For in Comics – 6|23|14

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

The comic world is a whirlwind to work through with its weekly releases. I’m going to take that burden away from you the best I can and give you some focus on what’s important to check out each week.

Here’s what’s on tap for the week of June 23rd:

Batman #32

I’ll admit it. I thought I could use a break from the Batman abundance after the Joker story. Re-telling the origin story for a New 52 world seemed like the best time to do it, having read so many variations of the origin story. I am glad I did not jump off of that ship.

8 issues into the Zero year epic, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have written/painted Gotham into a corner with the Riddler at the helm. This is the most intimidating you’ve seen out of Riddler and it makes you question how Batman will respond in this penultimate issue to the sprawling storyline.

Justice League #31

Lex Luthor joining the elite DC squad was already enough to win me over. Now we see other Forever Evil side effects happening with a new bearer of the Power Ring. This is what I was hoping for in terms of a shake-up in the New 52 and Geoff Johns sure enough can deliver great new relationships to a team dynamic.

Uncanny Avengers #21

I have grown into a huge Rick Remender fan as of late. I already was a fan when he first came to Uncanny X-Force and then took on Black Science, but it’s been solidified after I finished up the last omnibus of Fear Agent. He truly is a writer that is all about the long-form and the ultimate payoffs – something that can get easily lost in mainstream superhero storytelling.

This issue marks the end of his Avenge the Earth arc, but potentially is wrapping up everything he started back with Uncanny X-Force #1. Of course we know that the world will return to its original form, but it doesn’t take away from the bombastic storytelling and key relationships he’s built over the years. The fact that Remender is getting the next event with Avengers/X-Men Axis shows how far he’s come at Marvel over the years.

CBF Quick Picks #136 : Superman/Batman #2

Sunday, July 28th, 2013



This week, we explore the godfather-run world of Lazarus, those wacky and Uncanny Avengers, and Batmen and Supermen running amuck on Earth 2. Who needs episodic television?

‘Marvel NOW’ Brings About A New Reboot…Sort Of

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

NOTE : the following may tip us off about what the new direction of the Marvel books will be once the AvX event is said and done. Avoid the below if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Considering the massive reboot DC took on last year under the New 52 banner, I guess it comes to no surprise that we’d see something similar on the opposing front of the big two publishers. Just announced on MTV Geek, the ‘Marvel NOW!’ campaign launches in October with plans to both relaunch old titles and reintroduce new ones.

There is also a new digital strategy as part of this that ties into the AR (Augmented Reality) app Marvel first introduced in its Avengers vs. X-Men books. I’m hoping it’s an update to the app because heck knows how long it took me to get my iPhone properly adjusted on a panel or cover just to get the digital video to show on my first two AvX books.

What’s interesting with the re-launch (reboot is a term Marvel is trying to avoid) is the slow progression of new titles Marvel will introduce as opposed to the hard reset DC did in the span of one month. Here’s the lowdown of the books so far:

Uncanny Avengers #1 (October)

by Rick Remender & John Cassaday

From the “ashes” of “Avengers VS X-Men” the two teams come together for the first time to fight a new deadly foe — the Red Skull, who wants to “x-out” the mutant race! Expect Captain America and Wolverine to be members, as well as a few “wild card” surprises!

All New X-Men #1 (November)

by Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen

Everything old is new again…after the original five X-Men suddenly reappear in the present! How do they get to the current time-period? What do they think about the events of Avengers VS X-Men? All I know is — this definitely means the return of Jean Grey!

Avengers #1 (December)

by Jonathan Hickman & Jerome Opena

So the rumors are true then about Hickman taking over for Bendis after his 8-year run with the flagship team book. As is Bendis taking on the other flagship team. Cassaday returning to full-time interiors is a big surprise and working with a rising writer in the ranks in Remender will surely bring tons of fun to the pages. Not a bad start, though details are obviously still sketchy on what else Marvel has in mind. San Diego will probably tell us a lot more.