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Marvel Studios Talking To Fox About Galactus?

Monday, August 6th, 2012

And I thought this type of trading was reserved for the Marvel Masterworks trading cards from 20 years ago. By the way, does somebody have that Magneto hologram card I need to complete my set?

IGN received word earlier today that Marvel was in talks with Fox to re-claim the rights back to their Galactus and Silver Surfer characters in exchange for what seems like an extension to the movie rights to Daredevil that Fox currently owns. There’s even talk that Marvel will help co-finance the flick.

The talks most likely reflect Marvel’s focus on the cosmic side of its movie universe given the Thanos cameo we received in Avengers and the announcement that Guardians of the Galaxy is coming in 2014. Of course, there are some wrinkles to this considering that Fox is on-board to rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise and losing two prominent characters of that side of the Marvel universe seems to be slowing those talks down.

It’s too early in the game to say where this is going, but it’s darn fun to watch. I propose a fantasy comic book movie character league should be started with the hopes of trading characters of different publishers together for each team. My dream of a Batman/Groot crossover is coming.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Expected To Be Revealed at SDCC

Friday, June 29th, 2012

I’d never thought I live to see this day happen, but it may be coming true at this year’s Comic Con:

Hollywood Reporter reports that Marvel will most likely be announcing at their San Diego panel that Guardians of the Galaxy will be on their 2014 movie calendar. Speculation was rampant that Black Panther would be on that schedule, but it’s more looking like Marvel wants to expand the cosmic side of their universe as a result of the mid-credits reveal of the next villain for the Avengers movie sequel.

It’s still early in the ball game with these plans. While scripts have already been penned by Nicole Perlman (she also scripted Thor), there are no actors nor a director tagged to this project yet. One thing’s for sure though is that Marvel has a recipe for the same type of success Avengers got them given the epic and also comedic tone of this rag-tag space team.

The hump to get over of course is their unfamiliarity with the mainstream audience. Guardians of the Galaxy was introduced back in 1969 and has been a cult hit for the longest time, particularly in its last iteration starting with the Annihilation event of the mid 2000’s to their last team-up in Thanos Imperative. Nevertheless, Marvel seems confident that its premise will sell itself over time. I’m sure we’ll get more details at San Diego.

And listen…as far as selling you guys on how awesome this movie is going to be, this is all you need to know:

CBF 25: The Year in Comics 2010

Friday, December 31st, 2010


A few¬†technically¬†difficulties at the start. It looks like our original theme music files got corrupted in a move from one server to another so we’ll have new music for 2011.

It’s the end of the year CBF podcast! Tim and I are joined by our friend Daniel M. Clark, a fellow comic book geek and wonderful podcaster. You can listen to his podcasts over at

Everyone have a happy and fullfilling 2011!

CBF 18: More Brightest Day and Thanos

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

We’re talking Brightest Day and Tim tells us a bit about Thanos. (Marvel? Really?)

Where do you think Brightest Day is going? I think it’s way too early.