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Sixth Gun | Comic Book Fury

CBF Quick Picks #105 : American Vampire #23

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When you have a consistently great series like Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque’s American Vampire, you tend to run out of good things to say. Even with a new time period, new premise, and new protagonist, that still hasn’t changed. These two collaborators can do no wrong with this series and it makes it all the more exciting for future arcs as we make our way through 20th century American culture.

But let’s not forget Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s incredible run on Sixth Gun. Issue 18 takes us back to further adventures with Drake Sinclair after a brief hiatus in the last arc. Great consistency is the key to this creative duo’s contributions, as they continue to build to what should hopefully a satisfying duel between the Sword of Abraham and the Knights of Solomon.

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CBF Quick Picks #100 – Comics Celebration

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This is it! The moment dozens of comic book fans have waited for! Comic Book Fury turns 100 years old! Now somebody pass us our dentures…

We’re giving you an extra-length addition of our epic show, as I first reflect on this achievement and what the industry has looked like within that time span.

We then get back into business with a look at the latest releases:

  • Supergirl #3 is familiar, but refreshing at the same time. Can’t quite put my fingers on it, but it works
  • Severed #4 is trying to tell us not to just trust an oil-peddling salesman who eats kids. Guess that’s a bad thing, right?
  • Wonder Woman #3 delves into why she doesn’t want to be called clay.
  • Batman #3 takes the honors this week because Scott Snyder makes owls creepy.

We then wrap up with some Q & A where we talk about if DC’s re-launch was an editorial success, the independent comics of choice, and if Superman remembers to wear the essentials when going out to play superhero.

Thanks again for all of your support and looking forward to 100 more shows!

Music provided by DRUGMILE – The Getaway

CBF Quick Picks #97 : Justice League Dark #2

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Peter Milligan gets the ball moving with Justice League Dark #2, giving us a taste of a super-hero team-ups against the occult. There’s a lot to like with this new team, particularly with Zatanna’s more hard-edged personality and a surprising continuation of a key relationship from Brightest Day. Makes me wonder if the story arc ties into the aforementioned event.

Not so far behind it was The Sixth Gun #16. Cullen Bunn is continuing to build an epic in his western mythology, this time focusing on more second-tier characters to tie into that mythology. This one needs to get on more people’s radar more – truly something for the fans of Lord of the Rings, but with a magical twist.

And lastly, the X-Men universe continues to go strong post-Schism. Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men #1 has a great mix of comedy, action, and heart that fits well with Logan’s new team. Chris Bachalo can be hit or miss at times, but he brings very crisp pencils to the new school and its inhabitants.

Don’t forget that the 100th Quick Picks is coming soon! Send us your thoughts, comments, and emails on topics for the show!

Furious Five To Watch – 07.27.11

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San Diego is done. Long Live San Diego. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

5) Venom #5
Did I ever think I’d see the day that I would enjoy a Venom book led by Flash Thompson? That speaks of Rick Remender, Tony Moore, and Tim Fowler’s ability to make this a consistently great book. Tie-ins to the Spider-Island storyline highlight the next issue.

4) American Vampire #17
Stuff got real when Skinner and company broke out of prison in the Pacific battlefield of World War II. Now we hopefully get to see if Pearl is going to have some words with her creator.

3) Sixth Gun #13
Last issue, a mummy came to claim General Hume’s coffin. There’s your hook – now go buy it.

2) X-Men Schism #2
As I’ve said many times before, this is a great time to be an X-Men fan. Jason Aaron is building up the mutant/human tension again and this time, it may cost the relationship between Cyclops and Wolverine. Having Frank Cho on art this time sweetens the pot.

1) Detective Comics #880
Just look at the cover. If that’s not making you buy this, you are a troubled soul.

CBF Quick Picks #77 : The Sixth Gun #12

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There was a lot of quality content last week, but Sixth Gun #12 stood out the most to me. Great action and great art – just greatness all around for Cullen Bunn’s continuing story of the six guns that would doom us all.

We also have the Scott Snyder showcase with Detective Comics #878 and American Vampire #16. I’ll let the podcast speak on Snyder’s continuing excellence with these series.

Something about Venom #4 struck a good chord with me. It could be Rick Remender’s writing of Flash Thompson struggling to control the suit or it could be Tony Moore’s dynamic battle sequences with Spider-Man and Jack-O-Lantern. Either way, it was one of the few books I took my time reading.

Furious Five To Watch – 06.29.11

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The deck is stacked this week as we close out June. Whether you want your normal Batman content or independent fill, there’s variety for sure:

5) Batman Arkham City #3
This has been a lot of fun to read. Having Paul Dini on hand to bridge the gap between the games he also scripted helps a great deal. And the art channels the video game design to the tee.

4) Flashpoint: The Canterbury Cricket #1
Listen, it’s a different universe now in DC land. Who am I to argue with a giant cricket? Just go with it.

3) The Sixth Gun #12
The next arc begins with Drake, Becky, and company escorting General Hume’s body back to his grave. I don’t think it will be all tea and crumpets, right?

2) Detective Comics #878
Time for the Scott Snyder showcase! We’re winding down on Dick Grayson’s run as Batman, but the highlight for sure will be the continuing saga of Commissioner Gordon and James Jr. Count on the creepiness.

1) American Vampire #16
Stuff got real when the secrets of the island came loose upon Henry’s platoon. Skinner Sweet’s plan is supposed to come full circle in this issue and that can only mean bad things for Henry. I can’t say enough good things about this series that I haven’t said already.

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