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Severed | Comic Book Fury

CBF Quick Picks #107 : Severed #7

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Creator-owned comics at its finest is displayed this week, as Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft, and Attila Futaki wrap up their Image horror masterpiece with Severed #7. The build-up and pay-off were all wonderfully done. And if the rumors are true about a planned sequel down the road, I feel that poor Jack won’t be wanting any more salesmen any time soon.

Adam Glass is making Suicide Squad his won with issue #6. This starts off the Hunt for Harley Quinn storyline that tells Harley’s origin in the new DCU. Not much seems to be changing with her story, but doesn’t make it less entertaining to read.

And how could we say no to more Jason Aaron wackiness with Wolverine and the X-Men #5? This book has become the one to read to stay on top on all things X-Men relevant. And I’ve grown to appreciate Nick Bradshaw’s art more this time around. Read it just to find out what comes of Kitty’s “babies”…

Music provided by Ben Base – War of the Robots

CBF Quick Picks #104 : Wolverine & The X-Men #4

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We’re back for the 2012 gala!

It’s been a couple of weeks, but we’re back in action to give you our regularly scheduled programming. This week, we take a slice of the pie from the 3 top publishers:

  • It’s ok to come back to Green Lantern #5 – Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke have put this book back on track and the direction it goes into its next arc can lead to many possibilities.
  • Severed #6 is finally showing its cards in this penultimate chapter. It’s tense, gritty, and scary – just what I expected from the Scotts.
  • Wolverine & The X-Men #4 is an interesting blend of the light-hearted and tragic. Whether you want to hear about how the professors handle the school or Deathlok’s look into Evan’s future, you have a lot to take from Jason Aaron and Nick Bradshaw’s new arc.

Music provided by The Audible Dark – Die Trying

CBF Quick Picks #103 : Uncanny X-Force #18

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Was there ever any doubt?

Uncanny X-Force #18 concludes one of the best X-tales I’ve read in quite some time. It speaks well to the talent that is Rick Remender and Jerome Opena for ending this arc in style. Whether you like your action or like your character moments, this one has it all. How the team tops this going into 2012 is going to be a sight to see.

Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft continue to bring the creepiness in Severed #5. You all know what’s going to happen – we’re just biting our nails waiting to see when that payoff will come into play. The characters and set pieces is what makes this mini-series stand out.

And finally, can we just declare J.H. Williams III the master of his domain? Batwoman #4 is a marvel to look at just like the previous three issues. It say something when DC is willing to put all of their ads in the back of just this book.

CBF Quick Picks #100 – Comics Celebration

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This is it! The moment dozens of comic book fans have waited for! Comic Book Fury turns 100 years old! Now somebody pass us our dentures…

We’re giving you an extra-length addition of our epic show, as I first reflect on this achievement and what the industry has looked like within that time span.

We then get back into business with a look at the latest releases:

  • Supergirl #3 is familiar, but refreshing at the same time. Can’t quite put my fingers on it, but it works
  • Severed #4 is trying to tell us not to just trust an oil-peddling salesman who eats kids. Guess that’s a bad thing, right?
  • Wonder Woman #3 delves into why she doesn’t want to be called clay.
  • Batman #3 takes the honors this week because Scott Snyder makes owls creepy.

We then wrap up with some Q & A where we talk about if DC’s re-launch was an editorial success, the independent comics of choice, and if Superman remembers to wear the essentials when going out to play superhero.

Thanks again for all of your support and looking forward to 100 more shows!

Music provided by DRUGMILE – The Getaway

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