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CBF Interviews #3 – Royden Lepp of “Rust”

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

If you need a change in scenery in your comic book reading, look no further than Archaia. Their exclusive graphic novel line is putting out spectacular content that you’d want to put on your coffee table. Royden Lepp’s Rust is no exception.

Royden stops by on Comic Book Fury to talk about what got him into the industry and how a story about a small farm hosting a jetpack-riding hotshot in Jet Jones led to critical acclaim. There’s some craft touched upon here too as well as discussion on what Archaia’s presence means in helping the comic book market get back on track. Royden also slips in a big announcement at the end that will have us pulling for him.

Check Royden’s shenanigans out on Twitter and the Rust Facebook page!

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