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CBF Quick Picks #100 – Comics Celebration

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

This is it! The moment dozens of comic book fans have waited for! Comic Book Fury turns 100 years old! Now somebody pass us our dentures…

We’re giving you an extra-length addition of our epic show, as I first reflect on this achievement and what the industry has looked like within that time span.

We then get back into business with a look at the latest releases:

  • Supergirl #3 is familiar, but refreshing at the same time. Can’t quite put my fingers on it, but it works
  • Severed #4 is trying to tell us not to just trust an oil-peddling salesman who eats kids. Guess that’s a bad thing, right?
  • Wonder Woman #3 delves into why she doesn’t want to be called clay.
  • Batman #3 takes the honors this week because Scott Snyder makes owls creepy.

We then wrap up with some Q & A where we talk about if DC’s re-launch was an editorial success, the independent comics of choice, and if Superman remembers to wear the essentials when going out to play superhero.

Thanks again for all of your support and looking forward to 100 more shows!

Music provided by DRUGMILE – The Getaway

CBF Quick Picks #83 : Detective Comics #881

Monday, August 15th, 2011

And so ends a classic run for the Batman ages. Detective Comics #881 ends a year-long saga from the minds of Scott Snyder, Jock, and Francisco Francavilla. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I was so glued to a Batman tale, especially one primarily focused on Dick Grayson and Commisioner Gordon. And put James Jr. up on the long wall gallery of great Batman rogues – his creepiness and long-term effects on this series will surely last a long time.

Speaking of classic runs coming to an end, cheers to Bryan Q. Miller for wrapping up a great run culminating with Batgirl #24. Just amazed to see how far Stephanie Brown has come – nobody gave her a chance when this all started 2 years ago and now we’re sad to see her go for at least the immediate future. This issue wrapped it all up in a nice, fitting tribute to what Stephanie brought the Batman family legacy.

American Vampire : Survival of the Fittest #3 takes us back to German grounds, as Felicia Book and Cash McCogan find the doctor responsible for the vampire cure. What they didn’t anticipate was thousands of Nazi vampires in the midst ready to go to war. It’s been great to see other sides in this decades-long battle against vampirism and how they ended this issue really sets the stakes high (as if they already haven’t been higher already).

CBF Quick Picks #80 : Daredevil #1

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Even with San Diego on the comic book community’s minds this week, Mark Waid’s re-launch of Daredevil certainly set the world on fire. This is saying something for me having not grown up a Daredevil fan. But you can’t help but love how things went back to basics after the Shadowland debacle it went through. Here’s hoping the best for the Man Without Fear.

Batman Gates of Gotham #3 slows things down as the Batcrew re-group after last issue’s attack on the Cobblepot residence. We get more great insight into 1800’s Gotham as the past starts to collide with the present. Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins have great writing chops for this mini-series, though Trevor McCarthy falls a bit short on pencils with some odd character poses.

CBF Quick Picks #78 : Batman Knight of Vengeance #2

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

There was a Flashpoint buzz this week with the major DC event taking the spotlight. And while Flashpoint #3 certainly gave a strong showing with its big reveal of Project Superman, it was Batman Knight of Vengeance #2 that produced the shocks. The gritty vibe of Flashpoint’s portrayal of Gotham and the big reveal of the Joker made this the standout. It whets our appetites for what Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso has in store for their climax next month.

Jonah Hex should never have survived in today’s current comic climate. And yet here we are almost 6 years later and issue 69 is probably the strongest issue to date. This issue gives us two great things – Jeff Lemire’s fantastic art and Hex’s showdown with his father. We don’t know what’s to come when All-Star Western comes out in September, but the adventures here have been some of the best in the DC landscape.

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CBF Quick Picks #77 : The Sixth Gun #12

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

There was a lot of quality content last week, but Sixth Gun #12 stood out the most to me. Great action and great art – just greatness all around for Cullen Bunn’s continuing story of the six guns that would doom us all.

We also have the Scott Snyder showcase with Detective Comics #878 and American Vampire #16. I’ll let the podcast speak on Snyder’s continuing excellence with these series.

Something about Venom #4 struck a good chord with me. It could be Rick Remender’s writing of Flash Thompson struggling to control the suit or it could be Tony Moore’s dynamic battle sequences with Spider-Man and Jack-O-Lantern. Either way, it was one of the few books I took my time reading.

CBF Quick Picks #76 : Batman Gates of Gotham #2 and Ultimate Spider-Man #160

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

An icon meets his end in the Ultimate universe and the history of Gotham unfolds into the present. Batman Gates of Gotham #2 and Ultimate Spider-Man #160 were the two standouts last week, but which one would claim the prize of Quick Pick of the week? Not the obvious choice that you’d think…

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