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CBF Quick Picks #37 : Flash #5

Friday, September 24th, 2010
Before we talk books, I get into the sad eventual departure of the Wildstorm imprint in DC. It’s never good to see good people get let go, but it’s the way business goes, I’m afraid. All the best to them and keep your chins up. More on all the DC changes here.

This didn’t come out this week, but I had to talk about the first issue of Morning Glories from Image. There was lots of buzzing last month when this came out and the fact that I picked up the 3rd printing of #1 backed that up. Think Harry Potter, only a much more adult take (and a sacrificial goat – I’ll leave that carrot dangling over you there to go get the book now).

I was thrown a curveball when I picked up Avengers #5. It was not supposed to improve for me after slowly plodding through 4 issues, but I was glad to be proven wrong. Not an excellent book (I still have issues with the way Bendis writes some characters and Romita Jr.’s work is taken down a notch by ugly inking), but we at least get more insight into this time-traveling adventure that keeps me intrigued for the next issue.

Lastly, I can’t get enough of Francis Manapul’s art in Flash #5. Geoff Johns could have just phoned in the story and I still would have rated this an excellent book on the art alone. And that makes it all the more special when you consider how well-done this time-traveling mystery (lot of this going on nowadays) is. The duo are really making me wish I picked up Johns’ first run on Flash many years ago.

CBF Quick Picks #34 : Justice League Generation Lost #8

Friday, August 27th, 2010
We’ve hit the end of August with some intriguing books on the market:

– I gave Avengers another shot with issue #4, but it still didn’t gel with me. Too much funny dialogue detracts from the story and whatever it is, John Romita Jr’s art is lacking in detail in some areas.

Action Comics #892 continues Luthor’s quest for the Black Lantern energy. A continually good character study of the popular DC villain from Paul Cornell, although Pete Woods’ art took away from some of the action scenes. I expect more when you have Deathstroke as a guest star.

Superman/Batman #75 gets a super-sized special and while the main story from Levitz is decent enough, it’s the back-up pieces that steal the show. Anybody who’s read the Luthor/Joker 2-page short here knows what I’m talking about.

But when it’s all said and done, Justice League Generation Lost #8 is the clear winner. Judd Winick and company has made a believer out of me with this series of many former Justice League Int’l alumni banding together to pursue and capture Maxwell Lord. Each character gets standout moments and the dialogue between them is laugh out loud hilarious. It says something when this bi-weekly series has enough chops to compete with the main Brightest Day book (and sometimes surpass it).

CBF Quick Picks #20: DC Rules The Universe

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

There was too much going on in DC land to limit this to one or two books to Quick Picks this week. As much as Return of Bruce Wayne deserved a good amount of hype, I was thoroughly impressed by a bunch of DC offerings. DC is hot right now and I’m glad they’re continuing to build other franchises beyond the Batman and Green Lantern names.

This is not to say that Marvel didn’t have a good week too – just that DC did things one better. Marvel wrapped up Siege and officially began their march into Heroic Age. It was nice that they finally wrapped up all those threads, but my review here on iFanboy can give you some insight as to why I felt it could have done a whole lot more.

Enjoy the podcast!

CBF Kick-Ass Review

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

A little movie came out this weekend about donkeys that get kicked. Sad, sad story…

Provided you can get past the ultra-violence (though the book did much worse) and potty-mouth, this is an excellent adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr’s comic mini-series that asks the question – what if a real person decided to become a superhero? The answer is he’d be great at karaoke bars. Or if that doesn’t work, he’d be great at getting in way over his head, as Kick-Ass finds out the hard way when he enters the world of the mob. He also finds out that Big Daddy and Hit-Girl overtook him as the stars of this movie too.

Spoilers abound here. Impressive stuff – go check it out before Iron Man comes and smacks it around…