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CBF Quick Picks #133 : Thor – God of Thunder #4

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It was a matter of inches for the top pick this week.

Star Wars #1 from Brian Wood finally unveiled itself to the masses. Even amongst the concerns of Dark Horse’s holding of the Star Wars comic license, Wood still managed to get a great book out. And you’d think we’ve seen it all with this series set in the original trilogy’s timeline, but Wood somehow makes it all seem fresh.

When it comes down to it though, Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic can do no wrong with Thor: God of Thunder #4. It’s beyond words how exciting this book has become as it explores one nasty villain making an impact on Thor’s entire lifeline. It speaks to Aaron’s diversity in writing and Ribic’s Conan-esque drawings that grabs the reader from the get-go. I look forward to how they’re going to wrap this up and future arcs.

CBF Quick Picks #114 : Wolverine and the X-Men #10

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Marvel’s events have had a history lately of having their tie-ins being of better quality than the event itself. Look no further than Wolverine and the X-Men #10, as Jason Aaron once again turns in a clinic of a script. It speaks volumes that he’s able to juggle the AvX event along with other sub-plots that will carry this book forward after the event is done. Chris Bachalo once again brings his dynamic art to the fold to showcase some great layouts.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a podcast without a Scott Snyder sighting. With Batman #9, he and Greg Capullo bring us close to the end of the Night of the Owls saga with medieval armor, animatronic dinosaurs, and tons of Talons. Rafael Albuquerque gets to shine in the Jarvis Pennyworth back-up that, while it seems like they’re planning a retcon here by not having Alfred there in the beginning, explores more of the great history of Gotham City.

CBF Quick Picks #107 : Severed #7

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Creator-owned comics at its finest is displayed this week, as Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft, and Attila Futaki wrap up their Image horror masterpiece with Severed #7. The build-up and pay-off were all wonderfully done. And if the rumors are true about a planned sequel down the road, I feel that poor Jack won’t be wanting any more salesmen any time soon.

Adam Glass is making Suicide Squad his won with issue #6. This starts off the Hunt for Harley Quinn storyline that tells Harley’s origin in the new DCU. Not much seems to be changing with her story, but doesn’t make it less entertaining to read.

And how could we say no to more Jason Aaron wackiness with Wolverine and the X-Men #5? This book has become the one to read to stay on top on all things X-Men relevant. And I’ve grown to appreciate Nick Bradshaw’s art more this time around. Read it just to find out what comes of Kitty’s “babies”…

Music provided by Ben Base – War of the Robots

CBF Quick Picks #104 : Wolverine & The X-Men #4

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We’re back for the 2012 gala!

It’s been a couple of weeks, but we’re back in action to give you our regularly scheduled programming. This week, we take a slice of the pie from the 3 top publishers:

  • It’s ok to come back to Green Lantern #5 – Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke have put this book back on track and the direction it goes into its next arc can lead to many possibilities.
  • Severed #6 is finally showing its cards in this penultimate chapter. It’s tense, gritty, and scary – just what I expected from the Scotts.
  • Wolverine & The X-Men #4 is an interesting blend of the light-hearted and tragic. Whether you want to hear about how the professors handle the school or Deathlok’s look into Evan’s future, you have a lot to take from Jason Aaron and Nick Bradshaw’s new arc.

Music provided by The Audible Dark – Die Trying

Furious Five To Watch – 06.13.11

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We dial back on the summer events a notch, but this week is not short on quality content:

5) Green Lantern #67
There’s no question that this series has lost its luster as of late between the above average offerings from the War of the Green Lanterns mini-event and the recent live-action movie. Surely there’s some bite left though what with this issue being the climax of its event, leading us into its respective DC re-launch in September.

4) Red Wing #1
Buzz came about a few months ago when the comic world came to learn that Jonathan Hickman was returning to creator-owned books. Here, he gives us a tale of fighter pilots that not only have to learn how to fly, but how to master time as well. If S.H.I.E.L.D and FF have shown us anything, this will be another fantastical romp through the mind of Hickman.

3) X-Men Schism #1
While Green Lantern has seem to tip on the lower side of the scale, X-Men has seem to gone on the upper. A successful movie and two great ongoing series led by Kieron Gillen and Rick Remender will do that to you. Now we have Jason Aaron given the task to shatter the X-Men by introducing a rift into the relationship between Cyclops and Wolverine. Great time to be an X-fan.

2) American Vampire : Survival of the Fittest #2
Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy are like peanut butter and jelly. They just fit well together. We now get to see what the two have in mind for Felicia Book and Cash McCogan as they go about their search for the vampire cure in the Romanian mountains.

1) Detective Comics #879
If you’re not already plugged into this arc after what James Jr. did at the end of the last issue, you should be tasered. As Snyder wraps up his run on this book, we finally get to see what we’ve all been waiting for – Commissioner Gordon finding out the worst about his son. And having Francisco Francavilla back to finish it off is making just that more awesome.

The X-Men Regenerate This Fall

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We don’t talk a lot of X-Men on this site. It’s a darn shame considering this was the team that got me into comics in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It had glimmers of hope in 2007 with Messiah Complex and last year’s Second Coming, but inconsistency in the storytelling and art kept driving me away.

I then heard rumblings as of late that the book was getting back on track with Kieron Gillen taking the writing helm on Uncanny X-Men. Then there was the announcement of a summer X-event called Schism written by fan-favorite Jason Aaron that is touting a break-up of the team because of some drastic event that destroys Cyclops’ and Wolverine’s relationship. What once was considered a franchise on its own island to play in for the last decade seems to be pushing its way back up to prominence.

And that brings us to the Schism aftermath set for this fall:

Marvel has put it out there that Schism will break up the Uncanny series into two books – October’s Wolverine and the X-Men #1 and November’s Uncanny X-Men #1. Yes, that’s right – the long-running Uncanny series is getting a re-launch. Where have we seen that before as of late?

All we know is the two groups will grow out of Schism with different ideals and agendas. We don’t really fully know what Schism is bringing to the table, though you have to imagine it will have something to do with Cyclops finding out that Wolverine didn’t really disband X-Force the first time around. And Sentinels…lots and lots of Sentinels.

Say what you will about X-Men’s relevance in the recent past, but with the First Class movie getting rave reviews, Uncanny X-Force continually a top-notch book, and Uncanny X-Men getting momentum, it’s a good time to jump back on the X-Men bandwagon.

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