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CBF Quick Picks #33 : New Mutants #16

Friday, August 20th, 2010
New Mutants [audio:comicbookfury_quickpicks_081910.mp3]
Brightest Day and Green Lantern Corps came out this week, but I put those aside to highlight a couple of books that were saved by cool fanboy moments in Batman Beyond #3 and Secret Avengers #4, a welcome surprise in Supergirl #55, and then finally a bang-up job by Zeb Wells on New Mutants #16. This one is building up really good and setting itself apart from all the Heroic Age crap that X-Men now is finding itself under. And being able to tie into the Inferno storyline with brand new villains is no small feat, which speaks well to the talent of Wells and company.

CBF Quick Picks #28 : Thanos Imperative #2

Saturday, July 17th, 2010
Two weeks of books to catch up on, folks. I breeze through last week first to give you the hands-down pick in Scarlet #1. Good to see Bendis back in the creator-owned realm after being in Avenger land for so long. Bringing back his Daredevil artist cohort in Alex Maleev is always a welcome treat too.

From there, a swarm of excellent books came out this week, making it very difficult to establish a Quick Pick. In the end, I gave it to the latest chapter in Marvel’s summer cosmic adventure, Thanos Imperative. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (or DnA as the interwebz is calling them) continue to bring epic material to their takes on the Marvel cosmic heroes and villains that fight in their own little corner of the universe. The only thing that stinks is not having monthly series like Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy along for the ride (they’re on hold for this mini-series) because there is just too much to enjoy with these characters.

Enjoy the show and keep a lookout for more cool stuff soon on CBF!

You can check out Thanos Imperative #2 right here.