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CBF 36 : 2011 Comics In Review

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2011 was a banner year for comics. Whether it was DC’s New 52 initiative, Marvel bringing the X-Men books back to prominence, or every other publisher bringing something unique to the market – there was something for everybody here and that can only mean great things for the industry.

Jon Stump and I give you the final main CBF podcast of the year and bring you opinions on everything:

  • The State of DC
  • The State of Marvel
  • The State of the indies
  • Best Ongoing
  • Best New Series
  • Best Graphic Novel / Trade
  • Best Writer
  • Best Artist
  • Break-out Talent

Thanks for listening and have a great Christmas and New Year’s!

Andy Kubert Takes On Action Comics

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The Kubert brothers are two of my top favorites in comic artists. So consider me happy to hear when it was announced yesterday (odd day to be reporting comic news) that Andy Kubert, fresh off a hot stint on Flashpoint, will be drawing issues #5 and #6 on Grant Morrison’s Action Comics. There’s talk of the Legion of Super-Heroes appearing in this short arc and will lay the groundwork for future issues of Morrison’s run.

Listen, DC – you said Kubert. That’s all I needed to know.

CBF 34 : The New DCU Wrap-Up

October 5, 2011 by · 1 Comment
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4 weeks of non-stop rebooted content from the new DCU has come to a close and we have an all-star panel here ready to share their thoughts. CBF’s own Mike Buechele and QAQN’s Daniel M. Clark join me to discuss the good, bad, ugly, and controversial of the 52 new titles that came out of this new universe. Come listen as we ramble on about:

  • The sex controversies in the re-boots of Catwoman and Starfire.
  • DC’s pick and choose of which characters get a full reboot while others get a soft relaunch.
  • The diverse approach of branching out their books into different genres.
  • We might also talk about comics on this show too.

All the comics discussed here are in the DC Re-Launch Store if you want to give them a shot. Enjoy the show and let us know your thoughts on the reboot!

Music provided by Unquiet Nights – Shoulda Said Something

Furious Four To Watch For – 08.17.11

August 17, 2011 by · Leave a Comment
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For the 2nd week in a row, I really could only find 4 books that stood out to me. Not that my wallet is complaining, of course. What’s more interesting is how much Marvel has impacted my pull lists as of late. I’m sure that will change with DC’s re-launch next month, but for now, here’s the pickings for this week:

4) Flashpoint : Wonder Woman and the Furies #3
The last issue fell down a notch with major art changes. Otherwise, you know what to expect from the writing styles of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Let’s just hope this gives us more to grab out of the Amazon/Atlantean war than what Emperor Aquaman gave us.

3) Venom #6
I’m always concerned when a hot book ties into another character’s major storyline. Yes, Venom is Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, so it makes sense to an extent that he tie into the current Spider-Island arc, but let’s hope that tie-in stays to a minimum. Knowing Rick Remender, he’ll find a way to keep the focus on Flash Thompson and the struggling relationship with his ailing father.

2) X-Men Schism #3
You can feel the tension building as mutant/human relations once again come to a clash. And slowly but surely, we’re starting to see signs that Cyclops and Wolverine are not going to be on the same page soon. It’s made for interesting drama that you’d come to expect from an X-Men book. Jason Aaron is juggling the pieces quite well and I expect more of the same in this issue.

1) Daredevil #2
This book surprised the heck out of me. If you know me, I didn’t grow up a Daredevil fan, though I knew of legacy runs with the character done by Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, Brian Michael Bendis, and so on. Mark Waid took over last month, set everything back to the basics, and it received abundant amounts of critical praise. Cap jumps into the next issue to get some answers on Daredevil’s past crimes. Yes, it was a crime that Shadowland existed, but I digress…

Furious Five To Watch For – 08.03.11

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A new month takes us closer to the end of the Flashpoint universe and to the beginning of a new one. That hasn’t stopped the bat from taking away the spotlight. Or Robert Kirkman from putting more stock into creator-owned books:

5) Infinite #1
A time-traveler goes back to team up with his younger self to prevent an apocalypse? Kirkman has sold me already, even if Liefeld hasn’t yet.

4) Batman Gates of Gotham #4
While things slowed down a notch last issue, one can only expect it up to pick back up as the Bat team looks for the Architect hunting down the descendants of the founding families of Gotham. Snyder and Higgins are crafting a beauty of a mini-series.

3) Jonah Hex #70
How can they possibly top last issue’s confrontation with Hex’s daddy? Perhaps confronting the one thing he always seems to eludes – death. If this is the way it is to end for our favorite bounty hunter as it leads into the All-Star Western book in September, it shall be such an end.

2) Flashpoint #4
So skinny Superman high-tailed it. Now what for Batman, Cyborg, and Flash? With the war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman hitting close to home, we’ll find out if Barry Allen has enough time to undo what Reverse Flash has brought about.

1) Batman Knight of Vengeance #3
A tie-in picked over the main event? If you read the last issue of Brian Azzarello’s take on the Flashpoint Batman, you’d understand why. We’ll see how it all went down in Crime Alley one more time, only things don’t look too rosy for little Bruce.

Flashpoint : Project Superman #2 Preview

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As we saw in Flashpoint #3, things weren’t all rosy when Flash, Batman, and Cyborg discovered that the Flashpoint Superman wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. Now we get taken back to where it all began in Project Superman #2, as the government scoops up young Kal-El from his space pod. Clearly from the images below, experimentation is not going so well:

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