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CBF #5 : Fall TV Has Sprung!

Sunday, September 21st, 2014



Fall is in the air with football already underway and Guardians of the Galaxy completing its summer dominance. This also means TV is back in full swing and there is a lot to look forward to for the comic book fan – not to mention more announcements for new shows like Supergirl, Titans, and Lucifer. We’re at the apex of our comic book dreams coming to life, but one has to wonder if burnout is not too far off as well.

I talk about all of this as well as an end to a fine first run of Thor by Jason Aaron. Enjoy!

CBF Quick Picks #113 : American Vampire #26

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

You can always go back home. That’s what Scott Snyder shows consistently with the book that brought him to the game in American Vampire #26. He brings artist David Cruz with him in this new 2-part arc in the deep south, where a character from the Ghost War arc gets the spotlight. The creative team here portrays a stunning rendition of Alabama in the 50’s. It’s been great seeing Snyder put these side stories in his run to lay out the mythology even further.

Francis Manapul stays amazing with Flash #8. We get a nice in-depth look into the speed force and how it affects a character like Turbine. It also leads us into an anticipated storyline full of gorillas. I’ll let you figure that out from there.

CBF Quick Picks #109 : Flash #6

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

DC’s New 52 gets criticized for not taking too many risks with its flagship characters. Barry Allen’s origin isn’t altered much, but his environment, powers, and villains certainly are. Factor in Francis Manapul’s continuing exquisite art and you got another consistently great run for the fastest man alive.

Wolverine and the X-Men #6 is just all about fun. Jason Aaron has really made this into such an enjoyable book amidst all of the dark and gritty material we get from our comics. And yet he continues to make it compelling for readers. I’ve also grown to like Nick Bradshaw’s art more and more with each issue.

And where would a Quick Picks be without a Scott Snyder sighting? Only this time, he lets Rafael Albuquerque shine in American Vampire #24. Whether you like your car chases, your gritty asylums, or your vampires, Albuqerque draws it all with style.

CBF Quick Picks #101 – I, Vampire #3

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Your post-Thanksgiving comic book festivities include the following:

  • I, Vampire #3 introduces new companions and adds another layer to a broader war that vampires will be unleashing on the new DCU.
  • Justice League Dark #3 is a slow burn, but a good slow burn. Long as we keep getting more Deadman.
  • Manapul still on Flash #3 is just fine with me.

CBF 34 : The New DCU Wrap-Up

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

4 weeks of non-stop rebooted content from the new DCU has come to a close and we have an all-star panel here ready to share their thoughts. CBF’s own Mike Buechele and QAQN’s Daniel M. Clark join me to discuss the good, bad, ugly, and controversial of the 52 new titles that came out of this new universe. Come listen as we ramble on about:

  • The sex controversies in the re-boots of Catwoman and Starfire.
  • DC’s pick and choose of which characters get a full reboot while others get a soft relaunch.
  • The diverse approach of branching out their books into different genres.
  • We might also talk about comics on this show too.

All the comics discussed here are in the DC Re-Launch Store if you want to give them a shot. Enjoy the show and let us know your thoughts on the reboot!

Music provided by Unquiet Nights – Shoulda Said Something

CBF Quick Picks #93 : The New DCU – Week 4 Part 1

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

We’re getting there, people! One more week and you get to do it all over again with the #2 issues. Or you can mix and match with the other publishers out there. I’m not one to judge.

Week 4 has one of the more diverse weeks for the new DCU and it can be shown in the following:

  • Aquaman #1 acknowledges the large elephant in the room that is Aquaman’s lame duck status, but does it in a very good and deconstructive way that doesn’t demean the new direction. Thank Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis for getting this off on the right note.
  • All-Star Western #1 is Jonah Hex’s foray into the land known as 1800’s Gotham and it’s a great start. If you know Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti’s work on Hex’s previous run, then you know what to expect in the great characterization of the bounty hunter.
  • You never know what to expect when somebody writes and draws a book, but Francis Manapul pulls it off with Flash #1. Easily accessible and in a re-boot that has been comprised of lots of dark and gritty tales, this one can be considered an all-ages pick-up.
  • I had high hopes for Justice League Dark #1 and while it shows potential, the heavy exposition and character introductions takes away from the story. Hoping that is not a trend to come in this series.
  • Part 2 coming up later this week! And don’t forget to check out the our iTunes feed to download the latest and greatest from CBF!