CBF Quick Picks #143 : Injustice Prevails

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Injustice Gods Among Us

I am loving the Injustice Gods Among Us comic right now and apparently so are you what with DC reporting excellent sales for the digital series. This is what they need to offset what didn’t work in the New 52.

Why is the series working so well and what else could DC do to keep interest going into the new year? Let’s find out and hit the Play.

CBF – 2013 Year in Review

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Comic Books

Time to dust off those Fury awards – it’s the 2013 year in review for comics!

Too much good stuff this year, but we did narrow down a winner for best series, writer, artist, and publisher in the world of sequential storytelling. Hit the Play and find out who.

Have a great Christmas and New Year’s!

CBF Quick Picks #140 : DC Comics Proving A Point

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Batman #26

Last week, we talked about why DC should still be a publisher to talk about despite the New 52 lacking in execution. This week, I give you some new releases that showcase why they should be still talked about.

CBF Quick Picks #139 : DC Will Be Fine

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Green Arrow

Two years into DC’s New 52, it’s clear that execution has been lacking in this initiative, leading to numerous title cancellations and creative shake-ups. It makes DC an easy target to ridicule.

But all is not lost when looking at the brand as a whole. Fresh blood inserted on key titles is starting to pay off. Other mediums are going strong with a good future in store as well.

Don’t believe me? Hit the Play button and get the scoop.

CBF Quick Picks #137 : NYCC, DC Ranting, and Comics/Games

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There’s a lot to be said after another great New York Comic Con. Beyond the displays to see and books to buy, there’s a consensus that DC may be losing touch with their fanbase and what they want. How they can get out of that rut? Well, you’ll just have to click on that little Play button up above and find out :)

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CBF Quick Picks #136 : Superman/Batman #2

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This week, we explore the godfather-run world of Lazarus, those wacky and Uncanny Avengers, and Batmen and Supermen running amuck on Earth 2. Who needs episodic television?

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