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CBF Quick Picks #35 : Batgirl #14

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
Batgirl [audio:comicbookfury_quickpicks_091310.mp3]
Back in action and was there ever a lot to talk about.

We kick off with a quick review of Avengers The Children’s Crusade #2 for the week of 9/1. For all the crap I give the Avengers books as of late, this one series from Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung delivers in spades. Characterization is effectively done and it’s all plotted well to make you wonder where the hunt for Scarlet Witch will go next.

I then sound off on the continuing brilliance of the cosmic saga known as Thanos Imperative in issue 4 and the climax of Daytripper, which ends a well-told series about the appreciation of family, friends, and life overall.

In the end, I give it to Bryan Q. Miller’s work on Batgirl #14. He’s been writing up a great series that’s stood out on its own in its own little corner of the Bat universe. This particular issue gets quirky as Batgirl and Supergirl go out on the town to enjoy an average Friday night, only to combat 24 copies of the 1930’s movie version of Dracula. I think that’s all I need to say to get you to buy the book…

CBF Quick Picks #20: DC Rules The Universe

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

There was too much going on in DC land to limit this to one or two books to Quick Picks this week. As much as Return of Bruce Wayne deserved a good amount of hype, I was thoroughly impressed by a bunch of DC offerings. DC is hot right now and I’m glad they’re continuing to build other franchises beyond the Batman and Green Lantern names.

This is not to say that Marvel didn’t have a good week too – just that DC did things one better. Marvel wrapped up Siege and officially began their march into Heroic Age. It was nice that they finally wrapped up all those threads, but my review here on iFanboy can give you some insight as to why I felt it could have done a whole lot more.

Enjoy the podcast!

CBF End of Year Podcast

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009


Mike and I recently wrapped up the decade with our 2-part Wizard Decade Edition podcasts (latest one is here if you want to check it out), but I figured to also provide one focused particularly on 2009 as well. A lot went on this year alone, which explains why this was probably the longest podcast I’ve ever done solo. Some highlights on the podcast:

  • DC was the big publisher this year in my eyes with Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns leading the charge on the major story arcs.
  • Vertigo continues to innovate with their new Unwritten and Daytripper series
  • Marvel’s Dark Reign storyline dominates the year, but hear why I believe it lost its focus as the year went on.
  • Image and Dark Horse continue to put out quality work in spite of the domination by the big two publishers
  • 2010 will see more excellent books and a more focused direction on both DC and Marvel’s sides.
  • I lay down challenges as to supporting independents and why comics should never be considered as just “spandex” books

A happy and safe New Year’s to all and we’ll see you on the other side of 2010!

CBF Quick Picks #7 : Daytripper

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Lots of books for me to pick from this week, but I eventually decided on this one to be the Quick Pick. Really came out of nowhere for me and just proves to me once more why DC’s Vertigo line continues to shine, even in the midst of big storylines going on such as DC’s Blackest Night or Marvel’s Siege. The story is quite simple and yet so powerful in how it relates to us when it comes to wanting to fulfill our dreams and what distractions get thrown our way in doing so. And the ending leaves it wide open as to where this series can go – a nice change of pace that makes me wait with baited breath for issue #2 next month.