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CBF Quick Picks #13 : Batgirl #8 and Red Robin #10

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

As much as you all want to hear my squeaky voice in the middle of a static hurricane, you’ll be getting me here for a while until my new headset arrives. Thank you for your sympathy during this tragic time. Now onto comics…

I continue to be impressed by DC’s offerings lately outside of Green Lantern and Blackest Night. I, like many other comic sites, was set to pick Batman and Robin #10 as the
Quick Pick, but I decided to buck the trend and go with two books and two characters I hadn’t followed seriously in the last 10 years:

I had heard that Stephanie Brown, originally dressed up as Spoiler long ago, had come back to be Batgirl and that she would eventually cross over to meet up with Red Robin in Gotham. My issues with Tim Drake’s choice of new attire aside, I was glad to pick these up so as to not only catch up on how these two have grown through the years, but to also re-kindle my love for the chemistry between these two that came out of Chuck Dixon’s run on Robin 10 years ago. To see them at this point grow more into their respective roles and help fill the gaps that Dick Grayson and Damian can’t is a nice sight to see. And they also still use the playful banter that made that past relationship work so well.

Adding in the League of Assassins storyline just makes this that much better and makes me wonder if they’ll play this out more as Bruce Wayne makes his return. They better not milk this then, as I believe the Bruce Wayne series will be 6 parts and you know how much a drawn-out story can get stale by the time something big comes around (I’m looking at you, Cable series).

The one pet peeve I had was with the art, particularly on Batgirl. Marcus To on Red Robin nailed her down fine as the more realistic straight-up nice-looking girl, but then in Batgirl, she’s drawn by Talent Caldwell as the sterotypical balloon-the-cleavage type of girl. Seriously man, keep some consistency going and know that not every girl in the world is like this. Beyond that, the art didn’t scream earth-shattering, but I did enjoy some of the fight sequences.

As long as we keep getting more Batgirl/Red Robin banter, I’m picking these two up for a while. Go give it a shot.