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The Fall of Green Lantern

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

If you know us here at CBF, we don’t go a moment without talking some Green Lantern. The on-going space cop saga swooped us in when Geoff Johns took over in 2004 with the Rebirth series. It upped its game with Sinestro Corps War. And its ultimate highlight came last year with Blackest Night becoming the last big DC crossover event. Everything was looking smooth and with a big-budget movie coming out in June, you couldn’t help but think the good times would continue to roll.

The next GL arc though started to slowly change that perception. Post-Blackest Night was the New Guardians arc that saw a mysterious little blue being stealing all of the different corps’ entities. It would have been a well-built mystery tale if Johns and company didn’t play the “Which Corps will star in the next issue?” game that seemed to be taking place. Delays and awkward pacing hurt its momentum even further – why would you decide to finally reveal the little blue being as Krona in one issue and then proceed to do a one-shot on Atrocitus the next?

I forgave all of this, as I’ve trusted Johns this far what with the hype he built for the next GL-centric event, War of the Green Lanterns, when I was at New York Comic Con last year. And while the first part kicked things off really well with Krona taking over the Guardians with his entities and placing Parallax back in the Green Lantern battery, there’s concern for what’s come after. The last 5 parts have all been just Hal, Guy, Kyle, and John getting chased and eventually deciding they need to wear other rings.

Where have I seen this premise before?

It’s no secret that DC found a gold mine in these other Lantern Corps and how their rings on other characters could bring about a lot of fanboy moments. They however became the Achilles heel that brought the pacing of the New Guardians arc to its knees. And like Blackest Night, the different Lantern Corps once again are united to take out a common enemy. One can’t help but think we’re treading familiar ground and judging from what I’ve read on other comic book posts, the fans are starting to see through it. There is such a thing of having too much of a good thing, of course.

Make no mistake – I want Green Lantern to stay strong. Warner Bros. definitely does too, hoping to expand its other properties into movies beyond the big two. But there’s clearly some problems to address. Some fans think taking GL back to its space cop roots will solve everything, other think we need a retcon of the whole GL continuity. I think the solution is three-fold:

1) Get back to basics – Green Lantern is Hal Jordan’s book. It lost that touch when New Guardians took over last year. War of the Green Lanterns has put some of that back, but I don’t think we’ll really know for sure if that’s permanent until the event ends. It definitely has to be done though.

2) Other Lantern Corps = cash-cow opportunities – DC has already announced that the Red Lantern Corps series is coming out around the GL movie release. Wouldn’t it make sense to highlight the others in their own books. I don’t expect all of them to succeed (especially given the competition for space on those store racks in an already small market), but the profits will come from some. Personally, I’d look forward to a Sinestro solo book done along the same lines as Paul Cornell’s fantastic take on Lex Luthor in his Action Comics run.

3) Give the CCO a break – Geoff Johns is THE premier super-hero writer today in my opinion. He’s also a CCO that, as much as he says he still wants to stay in comics, is going to have delegate soon if his contributions to the TV and movie side of the industry are successful. It’s hard to think of anybody else taking on Green Lantern too after the 6 years Johns has devoted to the character, but it can be done. Peter Tomasi has proven his strengths already in that realm with GL Corps and Emerald Warriors – why not go for the trifecta?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – is Green Lantern having a “phase” or do we see a downfall of which it would never recover from?

CBF 25: The Year in Comics 2010

Friday, December 31st, 2010


A few¬†technically¬†difficulties at the start. It looks like our original theme music files got corrupted in a move from one server to another so we’ll have new music for 2011.

It’s the end of the year CBF podcast! Tim and I are joined by our friend Daniel M. Clark, a fellow comic book geek and wonderful podcaster. You can listen to his podcasts over at

Everyone have a happy and fullfilling 2011!

CBF Quick Picks #40 : Thanos Imperative #5

Monday, October 18th, 2010

My deepest sympathies to my wallet last week – it cried and went into the fetal position knowing how many books it had to get. Then I showed it the latest issue of Thanos Imperative and all was well. Fantastic space saga as one would expect in the capable hands of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Lots of character growth, great-looking battles, and unexpected twists. I have no idea what’s happening to the Marvel cosmic universe once this ends next month.

Too many other books to talk about, but I do highlight some goodies:

– This guy named Bruce Wayne is supposedly coming back if you look at the 10+ books that came out last week bearing his name. All of the Bruce Wayne : The Road Home one-shots were way under my radar, but it was good to see Return of Bruce Wayne back to form and taking us one step closer to what happens when a ticking time bomb gathering Omega energy returns to modern times. I’m sure there won’t be any pizza parties.

– If you’re not done with DC zombies, then Untold Tales of Blackest Night will satisfy your hunger. Apparently, we need to find out what happened to Donna Troy, Scarecrow, Animal Man, and a bunch of nobodies during last year’s epic Blackest Night event. As is the case with anthology books, you get your hits and your misses. Probably for the hardcore.

– Mark Millar is not done getting movies green-lighted as soon as new series of his comes out. Superior #1 came out (you can check out the preview for #2 here) and it definitely is not the most controversial of books if you’ve read Nemesis lately. Touching story so far of a kid with Multiple Sclerosis who is given one magic wish by a space monkey to become the super hero character he grew to love on the big screen. Yes, I did type all that AND said it was touching. Take that for what it is.

CBF Quick Picks #39 : Uncanny X-Force #1

Friday, October 8th, 2010


We’re mere hours away from the behemoth that is called New York Comic Con, but that doesn’t stop me from talking this week’s books.

This week, Uncanny X-Force #1 really made me believe a second iteration of X-Force could work. This could have fallen flat on its face putting Wolverine and Deadpool in another book, but it doesn’t and you have the capable tandem of Rick Remender and Jerome Opena to thank for that. Good mix of humor, banter, action, and plot that harkens back to the early 90’s X-Men days.

Not to be outshined, American Vampire #7 continues its epic run from Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque in 1930’s Las Vegas. The action take a break this issue, but it leaves room for getting to know new characters and sets up new plots for recurring ones.

And lastly, Brightest Day #11 rears its Black Lantern-infested head back into the picture. Call it Blackest Night Volume 2 if you want – I’m on board for what seems to be this new war of the light specifically involving Black and White Lanterns. Aquaman and Aqualad’s story though is developing really well as we come to learn more about the new kid’s past and powers. More fanboy goodness from the likes of Johns and Tomasi.

Enjoy your books this week – we’ll hopefully catch you at NYCC!

CBF 2010 Mid-Year Report Card

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
We’re days away from San Diego (the comic world in general, not us – we’re glued to our desks playing Pokemon) and I felt it good to review what the 1st half of 2010 brought to us from the lands of Marvel and DC. This site has devoted a lot to DC books as of late, but there are still a few good Marvel showings that came out that weren’t Avenger-related. That being said, we really felt DC gave a lot to the readers from both its superhero and Vertigo imprints.

Enjoy the show and all the best to those attending San Diego this year!

CBF Quick Picks #27 : Action Comics #890

Friday, July 2nd, 2010
This week, I sing the praises of Invincible Ultimate Collection 5 first and salute the stellar run Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley are having. Then I make haste and talk about a new arc going on in Action Comics led by Paul Cornell – a name I wish I knew well during his Marvel days writing Captain Britain and MI:13 in the midst of Secret Invasion. It’s a good start and makes Luthor the center of attention in the long-running Superman book. We were wondering when we’d get the follow-up to Luthor’s tenure as an Orange Lantern and it pays off well as Luthor obsesses over the power he once had.

Enjoy the show and have a safe 4th!