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CBF Quick Picks #86 : The New DCU Has Arrived

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

The time has come, folks. On August 31st, the new DCU is in full swing and Justice League #1 is the one kicking things off. This was definitely a labor of love put together by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. They didn’t have to do this book at all, but they chose to. And while it’s a slow burn of an issue rather than epic battle sequences, it sets the stage for a great and new look into what should be the premier title of DC that it hasn’t been the last 10 years.

Marvel didn’t want me left hanging dry that week though. Rick Remender put out another stellar effort in Uncanny X-Force #14 in the continuing Dark Angel saga that sees Archangel assume the mantle of Apocalypse. Jerome Opena makes his way back to art duties, which improves the book tenfold (as if it needed that already). Absolutely the best X-book on the market and am hoping that trend continues for the foreseeable future.

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CBF Quick Picks #85 – American Vampire #18

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque bring us the conclusion of Ghost War in American Vampire #18. And it’s a fine one, as we see the end of the Skinner Sweet saga (or so it seems) and a new direction that would keep this series going into new period pieces. It’s great to see Snyder committed to this story even with his impending DC re-launch books on the horizon.

IDW brings back an 80’s classic in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1. The darker tone is apparent to go with the way the original indie comic was like. And it’s set up some interesting stories and different takes on the popular characters.

And lastly, it’s back to the Age of Apocalypse with Uncanny X-Force #13. The team’s romp in this universe to retrieve the Life Seed for Archangel has been a nostalgic one, though how it ends makes us think that Archangel might not be so receptive to it. More zany fun from the mind of Rick Remender.

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CBF Quick Picks #71 : Batman Gates of Gotham #1

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

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If Scott Snyder co-writes it, a Quick Pick will come.

Snyder and Kyle Higgins tackle Gotham’s family history through a new mini-series in Batman Gates of Gotham #1. We’ve never really fully explore Gotham’s past in-depth and it looks like current events in the Bat-universe are forcing the heroes to look back on that. Say what you will about Grant Morrison’s run on all things Batman as of late – it’s at least opened new ground for other writers to explore in the already-rich Batman mythos.

Meanwhile, Judd Winick jumps on Batman and Robin #23 with a new arc on Jason Todd. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but it’s Winick writing a character he helped bring back a few years ago – we’re guaranteed something will be brewing and it’s not beer.

Uncanny X-Force #10 takes us into the Dark Angel saga that Rick Remender had been plugging at the March comic cons. We fully focus on Archangel’s struggles to control the inner rage Apocalypse is responsible for and it looks like that will be taking us to the Age of Apocalypse. 90’s nostalgia continues to run amuck in this book and it’s pure bliss for those that are into that.