CBF Quick Picks #59 : Annihilators #1

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If you know me well, you know I love me some Marvel cosmic stories. That’s why Annihilators #1 is the pick of the week. Well, there’s more reasons than just that – you have probably the most powerful group of cosmic beings gathered and Rocket Racoon’s customer service shenanigans to thank for the quality of this issue as well.

Green Lantern #63 is ramping up for the War of the Green Lanterns storyline. There are many questions about Hal Jordan’s stability and the direction of the Green Lanterns themselves, as we learn of a new prophecy from the Book of the Black that could change everything for them. Despite how chaotic the New Guardians storyline went, I’m pumped again for the next big GL event.

And lastly – we have Axe Cop Bad Guy Earth #1, written by a 6-year old. There’s nothing I can type here to describe what’s going on…

CBF Quick Picks #51 : Thanos Imperative Devastation

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I briefly touch upon the switching of the Marvel EIC guard before getting into the wonderful world of comics. Guess it was no shocker what I was picking this week, eh?

The epilogue of Thanos Imperative finally hit shelves and wrapped up a great storyline that leads us into the new Annihilators series in March. It wrapped up the last pieces of what was lingering in the mini-series and propelled us to new stories, which is a relief for me not knowing what the state of the Marvel cosmic universe was going to be.

Jumping back up in quality is also Brightest Day #17. This series had went to limbo for a bit, straying away from the main selling point of the book, but it came back strong focusing on Deadman, his re-discovered relationship with his grandfather, and the twist at the end that tells us we’re close to seeing what this White Light is all about. One can only hope for the best as we wrap up the last few issues of this book.