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CBF Quick Picks #132 : All New X-Men #5

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

All New X-Men #5
2013 kicked off the year with a good range of titles for your reading enjoyment.

We first tackle Batman Inc #6, as Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham keep the pace going in Batman’s quest to stop Talia’s reign with Leviathan. Some great character dynamics with Bruce and Talia and a shocking death at the end that upped the ante. Burnham’s pencils are the real story, bringing every emotion to life as this war rages on.

We then say see you later to American Vampire with issue #34’s look into the past and future. Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque breathed new life into the vampire genre for the last 3 years and while the hiatus is not something we like to hear, it’s only going to mean better stories when the creative team is ready to move forward with this mythology.

Lastly, the pick honors go to Bendis and Immonen making All New X-Men a treat with issue #5. We’re really seeing a resurgence of X-Men in the last few years and this keeps the trend going. One could have easily balked at bringing the original five to the current timeline and call it a fad, but it’s brought some excellent character interactions and dialogue that Bendis is known for. Immonen is the icing on the cake with his slick pencils, though you have to wonder how long he can keep it up with this book seemingly coming out weekly. It’s a ride I’m enjoying nonetheless.

CBF Quick Pick Of 2012

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013


It’s that time once again. I quickly take a look back at 2012 and look forward to 2013, but otherwise – we’re narrowing it down to the top 5 books of CBF for the year and picking the one that stood out. A strong list, but only one can prevail. What are your thoughts on the top picks for 2012?

Best to the new year!

CBF Quick Picks #129 : American Vampire #32

Sunday, November 4th, 2012


Please listen to the special announcement at the beginning of this show to get info on how you can help out with Hurricane Sandy victims…

We’re closing out the last arc soon of this magnificent series before it goes on hiatus. Snyder and Albuquerque once again keep building things up to a boiling point that could see some significant changes to the lives of Pearl and Henry. You can trade wait at this point, but really – don’t you want to a piece of the action now?

CBF Quick Picks #128 : Hawkeye #3

Monday, October 22nd, 2012


The theme this week was fun. And there was a lot of that:

CBF Quick Picks #126 : American Vampire – Lord of Nightmares #4

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Scott Snyder’s penultimate issue of this mini-series keeps delivering the goods with great action and more great history of Carpathian vampire lore. He does what great monster movies tend to do, which is build up the presence of a great evil without actually showing him. And having Dustin Nguyen on hand to create this aura/presence is what makes this mini-series just as fantastic as the main one.

Snyder, along with Greg Capullo, also gets to play with New 52 origins with Batman #0. Bruce Wayne’s origin story is not anything we haven’t seen before, but is still solid enough of a build as we get into next month’s Death of the Family arc. James Tynion IV’s back-up story though was great, as we see the impact of Batman on his eventual partners’ lives.

And then there’s Avengers vs. X-Men #11. If you didn’t catch my rant on Twitter or Facebook last week after reading this issue, then you’ll want to listen to this.

CBF Quick Picks #120 – American Vampire : Lord of Nightmares #2

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Amidst the insanity that is San Diego, there were comics that came out. And once again, Scott Snyder knocks it out of the park with the book that brought him to the game. Lord of Nightmares #2 takes us back to the Felicia Book storyline as we learn more about the “Dracula” character that is making its presence known once more. I love how Snyder builds mythologies and Dustin Nguyen is a great choice to bring this particular mythology to life.

Snyder also wraps up his acclaimed Court of Owls arc with Batman #11. It’s about how you expected it to end, but doesn’t take away from an engaging storyline that hooked us for the last year. Greg Capullo’s star greatly rose in that last year with his sharp pencils and disturbing visuals. The Joker arc can’t get here soon enough.

And lastly, Chew : Secret Agent Poyo came out. That is all.