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SDCC 2012 : It’s Prison Time With Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer!

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

The 2nd weekend of October is my absolute favorite time of the year. New York Comic Con resides over that weekend, my birthday is on the 13th, and this little do-hickey premieres its third season for the Sunday night cable-viewing audience:

The prison arc is probably the most revered of the 100 Walking Dead comics that have come out so far. It will be also the most depressing and gruesome if the producers are staying faithful to that arc as well. Needless to say, the zombies are back, both the dead and the living…

SDCC 2011 : Walking Dead Season Two Trailer

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

More zombies means more hugging and cuddling. Who the heck wants that? To counter that cuteness, AMC released the new trailer for season two of last year’s smash TV hit. It comes out October 16th this time (after New York Comic Con ends – a perfect way to cap the comic book weekend) and it’s making the wait all the more unbearable:

The Walking Dead : Season One Review

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

And just like that, the inaugural season of AMC’s The Walking Dead comes to a close.

There was a lot of buzz for this show going into its pilot debut on Halloween. The result was one of AMC’s most highest rated shows ever, consistently hitting numbers in the 5-6 million range each week. And it’s no surprise why – as I contemplated finding pros and cons to write up for this season review, the cons were a list as long as a finger nail. Here’s what we have:


1) Pilot episode – Any new show must set the tone on the get-go to capture its audience and let them know what they’re in for. AMC gave it 90 minutes to do so and it delivered. Actually, it set the tone in the first minute when a little zombie girl’s head gets blown off. From there, you get the noble sheriff’s deputy, Rick Grimes, waking up in a dead hospital and a world gone a little awry with walker fever. I still get chills watching Rick re-visit the half-torso zombie girl in the park. We’ve all seen the zombie apocalypse done multiple times, but to build it as effectively for TV as it was done here is no small feat.

2) The theme – I have yet to read the comic book, but I’ve come to know from people who have that what makes the comic book so compelling was its focus on the human survivors looking to re-build their society in a world ruled by the dead. And sometimes, those very survivors can be more frightening than the dead. Merle was an example of that in the 2nd episode when he wasn’t afraid to shoot somebody because he just didn’t like him or her. Shane showed that in the last episode when he tried to make advances on his buddy’s wife. It’s always been compelling to see how people react to extraordinary circumstances and this show provided ample opportunities to demonstrate that.

3) The characters – Andrea’s relationship with her sister, Amy, tested to the very end in episode four and Morgan’s struggle to take out his walker wife in episode one are two strong examples about how this show is not about the zombies at all.

4) The walkers – You’d think you seen it all, but the make-up done on the latest zombies was exquisite.


1) Episode Two – “Guts” had one gruesome sequence that kept you glued to the TV, but beyond that, it was a typical zombie story you’d see in any zombie movie in the last 10 years. It was filler content at its finest that served the purpose of Rick and the survivors getting back to camp and it’s fortunate that the audience stayed on for the long run.

2) Lori – This pet peeve bothered me more than I thought it would. Here’s Rick’s wife, a few weeks removed from thinking her husband dead after the world shuts down, and she’s already developed a thing for Shane. I’m sure it’s open to interpretation as to her intentions in the show and her role gets better as the show goes on, but I didn’t think her character started off on the right foot.


You can see how my cons don’t add up to much. This was a fantastic start to this series and makes it all the more painful that we have to wait till next Halloween to re-visit this world for 13 more episodes. Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabount should take a bow for making a very entertaining adaptation of the hit book. And props to AMC overall for green-lighting an indie series that nobody knew if it’d ever catch fire with audiences.

What are your thoughts? Any good or bad things missed that you want to highlight? Should the walkers create a political party and run for President of Dead World?