SDCC 2012 : Sandman Returns from Neil Gaiman & J.H. Williams III!

In the midst of the pop culture haven that is San Diego Comic Con, comics often get pushed aside for the bigger movies, games, and shows in the coming years.

But screw all of that because DC and Vertigo just announced a fanboy dream for those that were there in the beginning when Vertigo was just getting off the ground running. I’ll let Mr. Neil Gaiman explain:

Truly the announcement to beat so far at this year’s convention. For Gaiman to return to the series that gave him a great comic book reputation and a stellar artist in J.H. Williams who caught everybody’s eyes with his stunning work on Detective Comics and Batwoman, this will be the one to keep an eye on next fall for Sandman’s 25th anniversary.

I tip my hat to you, DC, Vertigo, and of course, Mr. Gaiman…

UPDATE: an image was released of one of the covers for the mini-series just now:

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