SDCC 2011 : Walking Dead Game Update

For those who aren’t aware, Telltale Games currently has two games in development that nobody thought would really be made into games. One right now is the Vertigo awesomeness that is Fables. The other is the immensely popular Walking Dead game, which was discussed on IGN yesterday.

If anybody knows Telltale Games, they’re well-known for the point-and-click adventure games, of which their most popular is the Sam & Max series. They also recently brought Back To The Future back into this generation with PC game sequels to the movies. Hearing that they’d be taking on Walking Dead seemed like an odd choice in the beginning, but after reading the IGN article, it seems like it may be in great hands.

Looks like we’ll be focusing on a character named Lee Everett and his own “waking up to a world of zombies”. He’ll not only have the zombie encounters, but the survivor encounters that are well-renowned in the comic. And knowing that there will be true consequences to the actions you employ in your game experience will surely bring up the tension as you decide which survivors are worth saving.

Telltale is a proven developer and I for one am excited to see the new stuff they can bring to the zombie genre. No release date yet, but I’m told it will be released in episodes similar to their other franchises.

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