SDCC 2011 : Dark Knight Returns Will Get Animated

Finally, after much pressing from fans on the matter, Bruce Timm announced at San Diego this past weekend what we all had been hoping for – plans to bring Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns to the animated DVD/Blu-ray format. Details can be found on this IGN article.

Hold you breath though. As detailed on the article, we still have Miller’s other work, Batman : Year One, ready to hit home in a couple of months. Then Timm and his team have plans to bring Justice League : Doom and Superman vs. The Elite next. If we go by the pattern of how DC and Warner Bros. have released these direct-to-DVD movies as of late, that puts the 1st part of DKR on a timetable of fall 2012. And yes, that would only be part one – the team plans on breaking out the story into 2 movies, which is fine by me given the amount of content DKR has.

Despite it taking this long to come out, you can’t help but be excited by what’s in the pipeline from DC. After initially stumbling out of the gate with their first year or two of DVD releases, DC has really upped their game lately, All-Star Superman being their latest critical success.

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