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Initial Batch of DC #1’s Announced | Comic Book Fury

Initial Batch of DC #1’s Announced

June 2, 2011 by
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The DC news just keeps on coming this week. We already know Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are kicking off the big re-launch on August 31st with Justice League #1. Now the DC Source blog has just announced what 11 of the 52 books will be as part of this massive undertaking. Key highlights for me at least include:

1) Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang

Wonder Woman gets a bad rep for not having the most relatable stories, but Azzarello should bring some grittiness to it that you come to expect from the guy behind 100 Bullets and the Joker OGN. Chiang on art is already guaranteeing us some great splash pages.

2) Flash written AND drawn by Francis Manapul

This was a big surprise to me. I’m all for it, though knowing that this book had been late before when Manapul was just drawing, you have to wonder how long he could fully commit to both.

3) Firestorm written by Ethan van Sciver and Gail Simone with art by Yildiray Cinar

Another superstar artist taking the writing reigns? This is getting really ambitious on DC’s part. Still, having Simone to assist will assure we get some funny banter between Jason and Ronnie as they deal with their post-Brightest Day lives.

4) Justice League International written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by Aaron Lopresti

We saw this coming a mile away, though it’s surprising that Judd Winick is not carrying over to the title after his successful year-long run on Justice League : Generation Lost. Still, if it’s any close to being remotely humorous and full of great characterization like its predecessor, it will be a hit.

5) Aquaman written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis

Guaranteed high sales if you know their collaborations well on Blackest Night and Brightest Day.

All in all, a mix of promising material with some less than exciting material to spare. I’m not sure how people are going to take J.T. Krul sticking with another Green Arrow re-launch or even taking on Captain Atom, especially after how much that character’s popularity rose during Generation Lost. There’s still more to be announced from DC though, so keep those eyes peeled…


  • Gary

    In case people missed the rest of the list here it is along with my ideas for what I think we will see as the rest of the 52…

    1) Aquaman – Geoff Johns/Ivan Reis

    2) Captain Atom – JT Krul/Freddie Williams

    3) DC Comics Presents – Various

    4) Flash – Francis Manapul

    5) Fury of Firestorm – Gail Simone/Ethan Van Sciver/Yidiray Cinar

    6) Green Arrow – JT Krul/Dan Jurgens

    7) Justice League – Geoff Johns/Jim Lee

    8) Justice League International – Dan Jurgens/Aaron Lopresti

    9) Mister Terrific – Eric Wallace

    10) Savage Hawkman – Tony Daniel/Phillip Tan

    11) Wonder Woman – Brian Azzarello/Cliff Chiang

     What do you think Anything I missed or am giving
    too much credence to?

    12) Superman – Grant Morrison (rumored)

    13) Green Lantern – Geoff Johns (all but confirmed)

    14) Teen Titans – Fabian Niceza (rumored)

    15) Batman

    16) Birds of Prey – sans Simone

    17) Black Ops Justice League, possibly Wildstorm related
    (Maybe Authority or Stormwatch?)
    18) Batgirl

    19) Supergirl

    20) Superboy

    21) Action Comics

    22) Detective Comics

    23) Martian Manhunter

    24) Booster Gold – with Jurgens

    25) JSA – on Earth-2 (possibly where James Robinson ends up)

    26) Red Robin and the Outsiders – hinted at in Bats Inc. #6

    27) Secret Six – pretty sure bet

    28) Legion of Super-Heroes – betting Levitz still

    29) Adventure Comics – could see major format change

    30) Brave and the Bold

    31) Batman Inc. – Morrison guarantee

    32) Static Shock – pretty sure bet

    33) Batman Beyond – pretty safe bet

    34) Magic Title (Dr. Fate or Zatanna or Spectre)

    35) Green Lantern Corps – all but confirmed

    36) Space-Based Title (LEGION or Adam Strange)

    37) Shazam – seems logical

    38) Superman/Batman

    39) Swamp Thing

    40) Second Flash Title – could be Wally or Kid Flash

    41) Power Girl – on Earth-2

    42) Another Bat-book

    43) Either Doom Patrol / Freedom Fighters
    or Wildcats
    44) Jonah Hex

    45) Griffter (Rumored)
    46) Question/Batwoman

    47) Blue Beetle

    48) Young Justice (in lieu of Titans)

    49) Catwoman solo

    50) Government-Based Team (ie: Suicide Squad or possibly one of the WS teams) 

    51) Upper B-List Hero (Black Canary/Red Tornado/Plastic Man)

    52) Wild Card Title (Multiversity Finally? Something from David Finch?)

  • Anonymous

    I think we need more

  • I may have to start reading Aquaman now.  And has anyone ever explained why it isn’t Aquahombre? 

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