Geoff Johns Stepping Down As Green Lantern Writer


Defining runs have been hitting their ends lately for a few key books. Last year, we saw it with Brian Michael Bendis leaving behind 8 years of Avengers stories and Ed Brubaker with similar years for Captain America. Another will join the pack come this May.

Huffington Post reports that Geoff Johns, after 9 years with the Green Lantern franchise, is putting his writing pen down for the series that he helped reinvigorate when he took over in 2004 with Ethan Van Sciver with the Rebirth series.

“I was getting to an end point and a story line that made sense for me. I felt like it was time to close my run and focus all my energies on the Justice League corner of the DC Universe,” he said, noting that his stories were collaborative efforts with artists and editors like Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Van Sciver and Peter Tomasi.

“It was a very, very hard decision. I absolutely love these characters but I felt like I had a story line that really made sense and felt emotionally satisfying and felt very big and very epic.”

It’s no surprising considering the responsibilities Johns carries. Being chief creative officer was one big task, but then also guiding current Justice League and Aquaman books was another tall order. Not to mention adding his upcoming run on Justice League of America with David Finch and a Vibe series as well.

Despite the Green Lantern comic fizzling in appeal over the last couple of years and the live-action movie not faring any better, you can’t deny how amazing the Corps’ popularity has become in the last 9 years. Rebirth started the trend and truly hits its stride when the Sinestro Corps War came about in 2007. As new colored-Lantern Corps were introduced, it all came to a head with DC giving Green Lantern its own company crossover event in 2009 with Blackest Night.

The artists truly have shined as well because of Johns’ epic storylines starting with Van Sciver over to Ivan Reis and then to its current penciler in Doug Mahnke.

Many discussions came about on this site because of Johns’ run on the title and we thank him for it. How May will end with a bang for the CCO will be a sight to see.

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