Comic Giveaway : The Only Living Boy

A good friend of ours here at CBF, Ben Spark, passed along a great giveaway for a comic that has great potential. Described as a cross between Wizard of Oz and John Carter of Mars, The Only Living Boy is already out on Comixology for a cheap 99 cents. How can you pass on that?

Author David Gallaher had this to say about the story:

The book, which has been billed as a cross-between The Wizard of Oz and John Carter of Mars, tells the story of a young runaway who finds himself lost and alone in an alien world. The artist and co-creator of the series, Steve Ellis, has illustrated for DC and Marvel Comics and is currently raising two children of his own. We believe that our book, which is available digitally now and in print shortly, is fun for children of all ages.

Ben Spark also is sponsoring a giveaway which has a lot of cool extras to go along with the original story. You can grab all of the details here.

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