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CBF Quick Picks #67 – Detective Comics #876 | Comic Book Fury

CBF Quick Picks #67 – Detective Comics #876

May 1, 2011 by
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The last week in April brought us a crap load of quality content. Probably my longest solo podcast ever, so bear with me (or cut it into 2 parts for your 2 sessions at the gym – whichever works)…

Brightest Day #24 ends the year-long, bi-weekly saga that saw 12 resurrected characters complete different tasks for the white light to the full resurrection of Swamp Thing, as he fights off the dark avatar version of himself. Great splash pages and fight scenes throughout. One can make a case that all of this to just bring back a long lost Vertigo character was cheap, but I thought it worked out great when you consider the story as a whole. I’m sure we can give it a better chance if we read it all in trades. We have to wonder though how Vertigo is fitting into the grand scheme of things in DC continuity, especially when you look at the big reveal in the last page…

Justice League Generation Lost #24 ends another year-long, bi-weekly saga that finally sees the Justice League International confront Maxwell Lord and his Omac Prime creation. Just one big action scene like last issue, but you can’t help but love how well this series performed, at points even exceeding what Brightest Day was doing. This cast of characters will definitely not go away into the DC vault, especially knowing what the last page showed us.

Action Comics #900 gives us 96 pages of great content, hopefully enough to justify its $6.99 price tag. We wrap up Luthor’s quest for the Black Rings that sees him achieve a god-like status and confront Superman one more time. It also ties into the Reign of Doomsday storyline that reveals how Luthor used the character to distract the Superman family. Overall, Paul Cornell gave us a great character study on Luthor, where we come to learn that despite his attempts to reflect the best of humanity, he’s not the most human of all. There were also some decent to good short stories in the issue, one of which caused controversy around the media with Superman renouncing his U.S. citizenship to hopefully become a bigger advocate for human rights. No word if this is in continuity or not, but it’s a big game-changer that has everybody talking. What do you think about it?

Despite all the big books though, leave it to Scott Snyder once again to break out his writer’s pen and script another beauty in Detective Comics #876. He wrote an excellent arc between Commissioner Gordon and his estranged son the last 2 issues and now he takes things back to Dick Grayson with a murder tied to the daughter of his parents’ killer, Tony Zucco. It’s amazing how Snyder has taken this back to basics and yet makes it seem so fresh. Having Jock back on art adds to the awesomeness as well with a few jaw-dropping pages of Gotham at its eeriest.


  • I hope DC stops with the weekly series now… it was a neat gimmick when they did it with 52, it was kind of expected with Countdown, then came the lackluster Trinity, and with JL:GL and Brightest Day, I think they’ve put the nail in the coffin. If they try for another year of weeklies, I don’t expect it to go well at all.

    That said, JL:GL had some great moments. Rocket Red was pure gold, and Booster was phenomenal. Still, I feel like that book should have been a monthly and been an 8-issue limited series.

    Same with Brightest Day, really. An 8-issue mini would have been perfect. The Firestorm stuff dragged a bit, and I really *really* didn’t like the way they wrote Ronnie – he was completely out of character. For someone who’s been around since the 70’s it surprised me that they didn’t really seem to have a handle on Ronnie’s personality at all. I would have liked to see more of Deadman & Dove, that was cool.

    The Swamp Thing revival… meh. I’m not a fan of the character at all. You didn’t name names, so I won’t either, but the reveal on the final page… again, not a fan. Still, his series has been going strong for almost 300 issues, so he’s got fans. Will they start merging Vertigo and the DCU? Hard to say, but with Death in Action Comics and now this, signs point to bringing at least the more popular characters over.

    The finale of JL:GL was better, with a very clear direction for Checkmate and the Leaguers. That was very satisfying.

    Action 900 was pretty good – I could care less about the citizenship thing… a bunch of people who have never bought a Superman book are vowing that they’ll protest by never buying a Superman book, big deal. It was a well-written story, and it makes sense. That’s probably why people are so mad about it.

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