CBF Quick Picks #44 : Thanos Imperative #6

Seriously, why haven’t you picked this series up yet?

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning finished up another cosmic masterpiece in Thanos Imperative and what could possibly be the last of Marvel’s cosmic line for a long time (we’ll see for sure after the prologue issue and the Rocket Raccoon/Groot mini-series comes out). If that’s to be the case, then it ended with a bang. Big space battles, great character interactions, and a big sacrifice or two make for one great thrill ride. A shame this wasn’t picked up more in the stands – may the trade paperback fare better.

American Vampire #8 came very close to getting Quick Pick honors. Scott Snyder is really making a name for himself with this book and it’s all thanks to him not only juggling well-developed characters, but expanding upon a mythos that at one point thought it had nothing more to say. Rafael Albuquerque’s pencils are a big star in this too with the fantastic face and body renditions.

Bryan Q. Miller also continues to amaze me as to how much he brings to Batgirl with issue #15. The first 3 pages alone made me laugh out loud with Stephanie Brown’s take on the Batman family. Then it gets into her continuing adventures on campus and the mysteries she’s involved in. It says much to Miller’s talent when he can craft great stories out of a big character in the Batman universe and yet keep the stories self-contained so that it’s easy to follow.

Let us know your thoughts on everything that came out this week. Any stand outs to you?

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