CBF Quick Picks #24 : Batgirl #11 / Secret Six #22

With the majority of comic book events taking a break this week, it was good to spend some time talking about some sleeper hits under most people’s radars. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of Stephanie Brown’s take as Batgirl and has made me really appreciate her growth as a character since her days as the Spoiler. Having Oracle along for the ride doesn’t hurt either.

But what really takes the cake is what Gail Simone has been bringing to the Secret Six. Unbelievably brutal in both its characterization and in its violence, it makes you laugh and yet cringe at the same time at this rag-tag band of anti-heroes and villains (who really are quite charming and makes you want to go out to a picnic and hold hands with them). As of late, this has been the book about Catman and it has made him one of the more compelling characters as of late for DC. Hit the Play button and you’ll know why.

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