CBF Quick Picks #106 : Animal Man #6

How about that Jeff Lemire fella? On the heels of him becoming the new writer for Justice League Dark, he still continues to produce great content with Animal Man #6 being the next to shine. John Paul Leon though really shined, taking up the bulk of the art to give Travel Foreman a break, bringing a darker vibe to Buddy Baker’s previous stint as an actor. All-around great filler issue before stuff hits the fan in the upcoming issues.

Over in Marvel land, Venom #13 starts the “Circle of Four” story with Venom, Red Hulk, X-23, and Ghost Rider all getting a piece of the action as hell comes to Las Vegas. Fun and nonsensical, you can see Rick Remender having a lot of fun with this series. And Tony Moore’s pencils will wow you.

If you want your fill of Bucky and former KGB spy hunting, look no further than in Winter Soldier #1. This is a return to form for me after Bucky got lost in the shuffle as Captain America when Steve Rogers came back and then was “killed” in Fear Itself. Ed Brubaker shines when he gets to focus on select characters and tell great spy thrillers. Put this one in that category as well.

Music provided by Agnostic Phibes Rhythm and Blood Conspiracy – Wolfman Franz

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