CBF Interviews #2 : Rob Anderson on Rex, Zombie Killer and Comics Experience

You’d think we’ve seen it all with zombies what with Walking Dead breaking cable TV rating records left and right. But there are still those looking to turn the zombie genre on its head with different twists and turns. That’s what Rob Anderson is hoping to achieve with Rex, Zombie Killer, a tale about a small group of animals and a bat-wielding gorilla going on their own adventure in a zombie-filled wasteland. Yes, I did say a bat-wielding gorilla. I talk to Rob about where this idea came from and what he is striving for with the title along with other projects on the horizon.

But that’s not all Rob delves into. He also is the general manager of Comics Experience, a site put together by former Marvel and IDW editor Andy Schmidt that offers courses, creator workshops, and extensive tips and tricks of the comic book trade. I talk extensively with Rob about the site, what it brings to the industry, and its part in breeding the future generations of creators.

Music provided by Miles Patridge and HipSlack – Who’s Chillin’ The Most?

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