CBF 37 : State of the DC Universe and Why Dan Is Selling His Comics

With 8 months of the re-booted DCU in the books, Daniel M. Clark and I decided to check in and see what the state of that universe is and whether or not it’s still worth diving into. The highs are discussed (Snyder’s Batman, the risks taken in other genres) just as much as the lows are (how exactly are we still thinking that Batman and Green Lantern’s unchanged timelines fit into all of this?). One thing’s for sure – it got us talking for a long while.

From there, we play a game of “What Ya Reading?”, where I praise the latest works from Image Comics and I find out that Dan is selling the majority of his comic book collection. Revelations and cliffhangers abound in this epic part of the show. We might have to reboot Dan when his books are sold 🙂

We have thoughts and I know you have thoughts. Let them be heard here, fellow citizens…

Music provided by Burning Shapes – Someone Else’s Words

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