Comic Giveaway : The Only Living Boy

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A good friend of ours here at CBF, Ben Spark, passed along a great giveaway for a comic that has great potential. Described as a cross between Wizard of Oz and John Carter of Mars, The Only Living Boy is already out on Comixology for a cheap 99 cents. How can you pass on that?

Author David Gallaher had this to say about the story:

The book, which has been billed as a cross-between The Wizard of Oz and John Carter of Mars, tells the story of a young runaway who finds himself lost and alone in an alien world. The artist and co-creator of the series, Steve Ellis, has illustrated for DC and Marvel Comics and is currently raising two children of his own. We believe that our book, which is available digitally now and in print shortly, is fun for children of all ages.

Ben Spark also is sponsoring a giveaway which has a lot of cool extras to go along with the original story. You can grab all of the details here.

Marvel Studios Talking To Fox About Galactus?

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And I thought this type of trading was reserved for the Marvel Masterworks trading cards from 20 years ago. By the way, does somebody have that Magneto hologram card I need to complete my set?

IGN received word earlier today that Marvel was in talks with Fox to re-claim the rights back to their Galactus and Silver Surfer characters in exchange for what seems like an extension to the movie rights to Daredevil that Fox currently owns. There’s even talk that Marvel will help co-finance the flick.

The talks most likely reflect Marvel’s focus on the cosmic side of its movie universe given the Thanos cameo we received in Avengers and the announcement that Guardians of the Galaxy is coming in 2014. Of course, there are some wrinkles to this considering that Fox is on-board to rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise and losing two prominent characters of that side of the Marvel universe seems to be slowing those talks down.

It’s too early in the game to say where this is going, but it’s darn fun to watch. I propose a fantasy comic book movie character league should be started with the hopes of trading characters of different publishers together for each team. My dream of a Batman/Groot crossover is coming.

X-Men : First Class Sequel Is Now ‘Days of Future Past’

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X-Men : First Class was a big surprise for everybody last year, who all had bad tastes in their mouths from the atrocities that were X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins : Wolverine. Taking things back to the past to see how it all started made it fresh and with a smart script to boot. The inevitable sequel talks of course came afterwards, though what direction would take was unknown. Until now.

In an interview with IGN, Bryan Singer announced that the First Class sequel will be heading to “Days of Future Past” territory. They plan to hit upon some aspects of the story while expanding upon the direction they took the previous movie. Matthew Vaughan is still on to direct with an anticipated release around July 2014.

If you’re not aware of this story, this was a very short 2-issue run during the classic Chris Claremont/John Byrne days about a post-apocalyptic future where the Sentinels ran society and either imprisoned or killed most of the mutant population. It’s always been hinted at that this is where the X-Men’s future was heading in the books since the 1981 storyline, but nothing concrete came out of it. It’s still exciting to see them take this next step, though one has to wonder if we really are getting our dream of actual Sentinels this time rather than the lopped-off head of one courtesy of Wolverine back in X-Men 3.

Trailer Debuts For Batman : The Dark Knight Returns – Part 1

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September 25th is going to be an awesome day. At last, MTV Geek reveals the trailer for DC’s next animated DVD/Blu-Ray offering with the first part of Frank Miller’s revered comic, The Dark Knight Returns:

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Holy freaking cow…

The animation is spot on, with some scenes completely taken out of the book, and Peter Weller seems to bring a great grizzled representation of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Ariel Winter looks like she’s going to bring a lot of spunk to Robin as well.

The cover image for the movie, while it doesn’t evoke Frank Miller imagery, still looks fantastic:

This is the holy grail of Batman comics come to life, people. Look for it on September 25th with part 2 coming out in early 2013.

BREAKING : 14 Dead, 50 Wounded At ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Screening in Colorado

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You never want to hear this story…ever.

We just learned that there was a shooting at an Aurora, Colorado midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises, reportedly resulting in 14 dead and 50 wounded. Reports say the gunman wore a gas mask, tossed some sort of smoke bomb or tear gas, then opened fire. Cell phone videos have been popping up of the scene, showing teenagers coming out of the theater with blood on their faces.

A suspect has been arrested, but there’s not much else we know so far. This is absolutely tragic and not something you want to hear about on moviegoers looking just to enjoy the new movie. We at Comic Book Fury send out our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families during this tragic time.

Thomas Jane Wants You To Know He Loves The Punisher

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I’m not a big Punisher fan, but of all the Punisher adaptations we’ve received lately, Thomas Jane’s was close to the character we know in the comics. It’s just a shame the movie’s script and setting didn’t do his work justice.

That being said, Thomas Jane wants you to know that he truly knows what the character is about. Hence, the following video (NSFW: language and blood)

If this is a plug to get a web series going, I’m all for it.

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